ESP Standard V - Real?

ESP Standard V - Real?

Hi all, I'm looking at this ESP Standard V and am not sure if it's real or not. Since I am located in the U.S. I am a bit reluctant to spend a lot of money on a guitar from overseas without being sure of it's authenticity. I apologize if I am breaking any rules with this post. I am hoping since it's my first post I will be cut some slack. Thank you.



It's legit. A 2005 model. Looks in pretty good shape for a V that's almost 15 years old. No pics of the tips of the wings, but on all of those pointy V shaped guitars, there's always a ding of some sort.


Thank you very much. I've seen your replies on many other posts where the authenticity of a guitar is being questioned and I was hoping you would reply to this one.

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