Ibanez RGA42 vs ESP LTD TE-200

eric l.

Hey there. So, I'm buying a guitar soon, and I'm torn between these two, the Ibanez RGA42 and the ESP LTD TE-200. The LTD is a bit pricier but they're both around the 350/400 € price point, which is where I'm at. It would be great if anyone who has tried them could shed some light on the topic.

Specifically, I'm looking for a guitar for metal playing, which I'm not a total noob at, but I'm basically looking to enter the "intermediate-and-eventually-better" zone, therefore I'd like a guitar that's playable and suitable for both rhythm and lead. I change tuning a hell of a lot, therefore no dice on the tremolo. I've only had the chance to briefly try out the Ibanez, and I quite liked it but I definitely need more time with it.

Lucas M.

I had an ESP LTD TE-200, it was a very nice guitar, more of an all rounder than a metal guitar. I upgraded and part exchanged it. As for the Ibanez, haven't experienced one but it certainly looks the part. There is a difference between the pre 2011 and post 2011 models. There is also an RGA42E model with EMG pickups. Sometimes it's love at first sight, or what color! Good luck with it, it'd be interesting to hear which way you go.


I have owned a lot of budget ibanez and ltds.  Ibanez plays great off the shelf, as do the ltds.  Both are great guitars once set up properly.  Especially so with pickup upgrades.  However over the long run i have found the ltds to be more durable.  


It would be hard to make a bad choice between the two.



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