97 horizons brothers from another mother


Back in 1997 I purchased a see through red Esp horizon off the shelf and though I’ve owned numerous othe guitars, Red has always been my favorite. 

Whelp, I found red’s sibling. I just purchased the exact guitar in see through blue. The guitar is 100% stock even down to the lh-200 humbuckers. 

My red one was once stolen and I had to track it down with the help of the authorities. I’ve refinished the neck with an oil finish and put in emg 81/85s. 

Blue arrives today and I’ll refinish it’s neck also and I’m thinking of goin with 81/60s 

ill post pics if anyone is interested. 



Yeah let's see the pics! I love Horizons


HorizonsTwo horizons


I’m so floored with how blue plays that I’m selling my Jackson soloist. I only see myself playing my ESPs and my Kiesel from now on. 



A few shots of my 2




Hell yes!! We have a spoil of riches on our hands. 

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