New guy looking for info on a 91- 93 Horizon


Hello to everyone. I have what I recall being a 1991-1993 Horizon in gunmetal blue and I can't find much on the net about them. What can anyone tell me about it? What info do I need to give to make it easier to identify? I'm not looking to sell it or care about cash value. I will never sell it because it's the best guitar I have ever owned and we have a good relationship. Heavily gigged and was my work horse many years ago. It's just a studio instrument now. It came with an ESP Floyd Rose, Neck thru, ESP slanted single coil like a hot rails, Replaced the humbucker with an EMG 81, it was a passive Pup guitar from factory. Ebony fret board, Alder body if I remember correctly, ESP logo at 12th fret, no other inlays. 3,5,7, 9 12 etc fret markers are on the side of the neck binding. ESP tuners. serial number 29100503. 

Thanks for any help 

Matt G.

Hi - suggests the serial number format is ddmmynnn where nnn is the production run. The year 0 suggests 1990 rather than 91-93. I have a 91 horizon custom i had imported from Japan years ago, and the paperwork stacks up to the serial number suggestion. 

I cant find much myself - i binned the brochure after it arrived .




Hey. Been awhile since I've been on here. Ive looked at the guitar collectors stuff online and the ESP catalogues they have. The reason I thought 91-93 because of when I recall buying it. From what I recall the store telling me at that time was that it was a custom order and was never picked up from the individual. The serial number does suggest a build of October 29 1990. It did have the small silver Made in Japan sticker on the back of the headstock which I took off.... the glue residue is still there lol When I look at the catalogue guitar collector has, my guitar doesn't match what was offered in '90. It is closer to a '91 but with the updated Jackson type headstock. I'll probably send some picture to esp customer service to find out some details if they have any answers. I'd like to see if they take guitars in for repair too. Someone shot the headstock with a pellet gun years and years ago at a party chipping most of the P off on the headstock logo. I'd like to have that silk screened on again if possible. Anyhow, thanks for the reply Matt

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