• Peter Ledin

    Any info about this 80s Eclipse tele?

    Came across this beautiful The Eclipse Custom today and I had to buy it! It sounds awesome and it is of top notch quality! I haven’t found anyone like this anywhere on the Internet. There are ones in black, white and blue but not in this burst with maple top. Does anyone know if this couldbe a custom order, an early model or prototype? It has no serial number. The back of the headstock only says ”made in Japan”. 


    • jt76

      The black and white ones are the most common,  they came in other colors also, and I have see few in subursts and transparents. A custom order, or a trade show / catalog build, or special run for a dealer are the most likely possibilities.    The catalogs from the time period of not overly inclusive, and different markets received different guitars and had different catalogs, so there is also a chance it was standard production.   

      Notable users of these.

      Izzy Stradlin had a white one, and Slash had a black one and a white one.


    • Brian O.

      I have a black pre production model of it. Serial number 461 stamped on fret board and no eclipse custom logo. Came out around mid 80s.

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