Horizon Fr-II "made in Japan" (URGENT) dilemma

Francesco B.

Hi to everyone, 

I'm having a big urgent problem. I'm about to buy an used Horizon FR-II, serial number SS1126626, which totally looks like an original one (pics below). The point is that under the SN there is no "made in Japan" label. I cannot figure out why, because there is the Standard Series logo and all of the SS are made in japan. Is the label somehow easily detachable? Is the guitar fake? Thank you to everyone!

EDIT:I forgot to mention that I saw identical guitars made later the same year that actually do have the "Made in Japan" logo



The "Made in Japan" is a sticker that goes over the clear-coat.  Many people end up removing it.  The guitar is legit.

Francesco B.

Hope for it! Thank you very much!

Martyn R

I wondered why the made in Japan sticker is not under the clear coat.

Mónica G.

Hello, I've the same problem. I want to buy a second hand Esp Horizon and I've doubt about it's a fake Esp. What do you think? Thank you to everyone!

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