1988 Horizon

1988 Horizon


I have a 1988 ESP Horizon neck through with the original '' Jackson lawsuit '' headstock. I've had it forever and am looking to sell it. I am not able to find much information about these on line anywhere. Any ideas how much it's worth and anyone interested?

Thank you!


Btown M.

How much you asking? What color ? Post pics 

James V.

I listed it on Reverb com yesterday. Search for ESP Horizon 1988 black lawsuit jackson headstock

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Btown M.

i was just looking at it on reverb i have a bid out on ebay for one similar with similar price if i lose ill def. hit you up and bring her home

James V.

Sounds good. Do you know when the bidding is up on the guiar that you have bid on Ebay?

Btown M.

2 days. i hate waiting but i finally had the money to buy a horizon and i bid on one similar to yours at a similar price to be honest i like yours better but i never bought nothing from reverb and dont know how any of that works

Jan W.

Can you post a pic? 

nithin r.

Long shot but did it already sell? 

Barbara F.

I have a 1988 ESP HORIZON Candy Apple red, neck thru. I believe it’s a prototype based on a guitar tech who spoke with ESP rep because I questioned why it didn’t have a serial number. I am the original owner, bought it at a guitar shop in CT in 1988. It has the original road case which is custom to the guitar. Both are in great shape for 35 years old. I am curious as to the value. I see similar ones online from 2200-3500 but not much to explain the price difference.


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