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    Now that Standards (I need ESP on the headstock) are getting more difficult, this is a Craigslist purchase!  I got this ESP Horizon NT-II from a very nice gentlemen here in San Diego, and it has quickly become my favorite guitar!

    It is in awesome condition, with evidence of being used (which I don't mind as I'm not a collector and will use this guitar myself).  The only "bad" thing, is the ebony has some hair line cracks but this isn't really much of a problem as ebony cracks can be easily filled in during refretting; and they aren't obvious or even noticable without close inspection.  It's likely a result of the environment and storage.

    Anyways, the picture shows my ESP Standard M-II, my Schecter Hellraiser C-7 and my new Horizon!

    For the inevitable question... I paid 1000 flat for it.  No buyers remorse!  Except the wife does have hubby-hobby-expenses concerns!

    • Big Daddy B
      Durethia wrote:

      "Except the wife does have hubby-hobby-expenses concerns!"


      I think that is pretty universal. I have been relegated to having my new deliveries held at the UPS counter for pickup versus coming to the house and then sneaking them into the house and hiding them in the closet only to slowly work them into rotation later . Good thing they usually can't tell the difference between one or another.

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