• Mikhail Suvorov

    ESP Horizon NT Fret Buzz

    Hi guys!
    I have ESP Horizon for about a year and yesterday I´ve cleaned all guitar with Dunlop 65 Kit. I was using 10-46 Elixir for about 2 months, so I decided to change them and clean a guitar. I have removed completely dridge and after cleaning I´ve reset it on it´s place and puted new strings (not Elixir, another brand ... DR I think, also 10-46). Well, after tuning I have a frett buzz in the center of the neck on bass side: 4-5-6 strings. Thruss rod initially hasn´t been changed during cleaning. After fret buz started I´ve adjusted truss rod (now it´s fine with small gap on 7th frett when you check thruss rod bow), and height strings is as per ESP recomendation.
    Even so there is fret buz as mentioned before. Previously there was not fret buz at all and I have no idea what is going on. I check ESP users manual for action & thruss rod bow and all should be fine.
    It´s second Horizon I have, the first one was Horizon FR and I had to send it back to Thomann when I bought it due to fret buzz problems.
    Hope you will be able to help me.
    Kind regards, Mikhail.

    • jt76

      Check to see if your bridge Is on backwards.  Could happen during a string change.  That seems silly but It would really cause problems.  Definitely fret buzz and also intonation problems.  I don't know if its possible with a tone pros bridge.   If the bridge is correct.  losen the truss rod a little more and that should help.  Mid neck buzz would defitely indicate not enough neck curve.


    • Mikhail Suvorov

      Hi there! 

      The problem has been solved by taking my guitar to tech. service. It was a truss rod issue, now all is OK.

      Kind regards, Mikhail. 

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