• erry e.

    New horizon, fret buzz!!

    So i got my new horizon, and the thing buzzes like mad on the low e string on all frets, even open, i loosened the neck about 10 times, each time a quarter of an inch. and its still the same amount of buzz going on. what the hell should i do? even tried raising the saddle abit and it didnt help either.

    • Pushead

      Take it to someone.

    • jt76

      Buzz can come from a number of places.  If you don't know how to properly set up a guitar.  Messing about with it will only make it worse. Some times It can take a week or more to get a neck to the correct curve.  Since you should really only adjust a quarter turn a day.   if you bought from a store they should have set it up properly or I would not have accepted it.  every store i have ever bought a guitar from has at least had a tech that can adjust the neck and bridge.  If you got it from the internet from a warehouse its probaby right off the factory line and has not been set up at all.  Or if you bought it over the internet it might be a fake. 

    • jt76

      Also I got an ltd with a bad truss rod once.  Had the dealer contact customer support and they sent me a new neck.  If something is actually wrong with the guitar ESP should fix it.

    • Mikhail Suvorov

      Hi there:

      Well, I can not say how to fix this shit, but I had this problem now two times in a raw. 

      1) I bought ESP Horizon FR on Thomann web site. Fret Buzz on 5th string. Have sent it to luthier and he couldn´t solve it. So I sent it back to Thomann.

      2) After this I´ve decided not to use Floyd Rose and get an Horizon NT version. I´ve been playing for about 1/2 year and yesterday I cleaned my guitar with Dunlop 65 Kit. I only put away bridge completely for cleaning. After re-string (all as per ESP web site recomendations), I faced fret buzz on 4-5-6th strings. I wear ever 10-46 gauge, previously I was using Elixir about 2 months (I mean 2 months with 1 set of Elixir), and yesterday I weared DR strings also 10-46. No idea what´s going on ... bwfore I even hadn´t changed truss since I bought it, it was OK ... but yesterday I tried to adjust it and also revised action ... nothing. Keep on buzzing. But not on open strings, mainly in the middle positions. 

      No idea why it´s happening ... maybe Dunlop 65 Kit has result in neck expand?! 

      I hope to take my guitar to tech this week so he can check it and re-set properly (maybe I made something wrong, but I don´t think so).


      • Fyl

        switching to and from DR strings usually requires a setup, DRs have waaaaaaaay different string tension than "normal" Ernie Ball / D'Addario sets for the same gauge

         did that to a bunch of guitars last year hadto change setup for every last one of em. worth it, despite the pain in the butt to do it

        depending on spring type usually had to use at least 4 maybe all 5 springs in tremolo to install any DR set (not just 11-52/11-54s but 10-46 too!) - but with floyds at least you NOTICE immediately, with tunamatic or kahler you tend to miss it until something feels weird or buzzes