• zupanman

    ESP Horizon NT-II string gauge

    Hello there,

    I have just bought a brand new ESP Horizon NT-II and it came with 10-46 string gauge on it. I am playing on dropped C tuning and on the guitar i had before i was used to 10-52 string gauge that went perfectly good with the tuning im playing on. For the factory strings that are now on the guitar everything is buzzing when tuned down to drop C and also the feel is not that good because the strings are so loose and not tight enaugh.

    So my question is: is it safe to put a thicker string gauge on this brand new Horizon (from 10-46 to 10-52)? Should i take it to guitar tech so they make all the adjustments with the neck, string hight, intonation... for that change?


    • ESP Product Support

      Hello zupanman - 

      It is safe to change your string gauges to the .010 - .052 set that you're wanting to do.  You will need to adjust the neck to compensate the increased string tension, likely perform a setup on string height and intonation for your new strings.  If you're not comfortable doing those adjustments yourself, I would suggest bringing your guitar to a qualified service tech.  I hope I've answered your question.

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