• Mark W.

    Warranty registration?

    Is it possible to register the warranty online? I cannot find a link anywhere. I emailed support a few days ago, but no response. Thanks

    • Dave R.

      This will be available very soon, under the support menu.

    • Bielefeld M.

      I have just registered my new Eclipse1 CTM online in the ESP Support menu.

      There was only a page saying "Thank you for completing the form". Can I doublecheck, that my guitar is correctly registered? Is there an additional email confirmation or can I see my registered instrumnets somewhere on my ESP profile page?


    • Dave R.

      You should now receive a copy of your registration via email.

    • Curtis C.

      I am frustrated! I contacted ESP 2-3 weeks ago (my warranty is registered) regarding an issue with the neck on my LTD TE-212. I purchased it online (apparently a mistake) at Sam Ash. Two different guitar techs/luthiers believe there is a bit of warping in the finger board, making it prone to fret buzzing. I've had it set up twice which helps but does not eliminate it. I called Sam Ash but it was past 30 days ( had it maybe 60?) and they would not assist with warranty work but said I needed to contact ESP, who has not responded to me. Any thoughts?