• Kevin B.

    Between Nut and Tune peg noise

    I have a Horizon NT-II and whenever I mute, the strings (mostly the G) ring or viberate in a bad way between the nut and the tuners.  Its most noticeable when muting but it happens when ever you play to different degrees. It comes out as a screech sound through the amp. If you put a cloth or some sort over the strings it stops. Has anyone seen this before? What should I do? I’m not looking to put scrunchies, rags, tape, etc… on the guitar, I want it fixed properly.

    • Pushead

      The scrunchie or foam fix is the way most people treat that issue.  I'd suggest having the nut slot addressed or even replacing the nut to see if that helps.

    • Kevin B.

      Have any of you had this issue? What is your experience?

    • Jeff H.

      It happens to some guitars. Any brand and model (though more-so 6 in-line's than 3x3's I've noticed) is susceptible so don't feel like there is something wrong with it. As Pushead said, foam will fix it. I have an ESP Phoenix with the same issue and I just use electrical tape instead of foam. Just easier to deal with. If it's just one string the nut slot probably does need to be looked at.