• MattiaS


    Hi Guys!

    Long time since my last post.... After a lot of years with my faithfull Snow White Eclipse II, I decided to change my old EMGs... And I decided to go with my favorite Pasive Pickups: Seymour Duncan.

    I was pretty sure about my choice of Duncans, a SH-11 (Custom Custom) for the Bridge and a 59 for the Neck... but now I'm not so sure about my initial choice for the bridge and I'm wondering if I should use the usual SH-4 (JB) for the Bridge....

    I play through a Mesa Boogie 3 Ch Dual Recto (the old version) conected to a Laney 4x12 with Celestions V30... I used to play things like Metallica and Megadeth, but now I'm playing more Alter Bridge and Black Stone Cherry kind of stuff.

    So... What are your opinion guys???... Suggestions, advices, etc?

    From now, thanks a lot!

    • LazNovak

      I'd go for the JB or a Custom 5.

    • synyster_slash

      I've used a JB in My Eclipse 1. sounded very good. Nice fate low mids.

    • MattiaS

      Wow... 7 months since I created this topic and just 2 answers??? :(


      No one else have some wisdom to share with us???


      form now, thanks a lot!!!

    • jt76

      strickly speaking seymour duncan.

      The sh 5 is in between the sh11 and the jb -  I have always found the jb a little to sharpe for my taste in the bridge, and the sh11 not quite tight enough for my picking style.  the sh-5 is warmer but still very responsive.  It sounds good clean.  

      Pearly gates are also work checking out.  


      in the neck - the jazz is a little brighter than the 59 and a slight bit less muddy,  if you don't need a les paul paf type warm pickup for the neck a jb sounds really good in the neck position,  but it is very bright and require high output pickup in the bridge to balance it out.  

      I commonly use dimarzio for neck position and seymour duncan for bridge


      A duncan distortion set (sh 6  i think ) is sold as the mayhem set and is a good deal,  they are really amazing, very well balanced and articulate but they sound a bit on the modern side.  Its hard to explain,they have a very pushed feel to them with a strong attack.   I like them a lot for clean jazz sounds or for metal and progressive distortion,  but thought the sound does not work well for vintage sounding stuff like classic rock or blues very well.  To me they are similar to an emg 81/85 set but with a passive feel.  


      at one point  I spend countless hours swapping pickups out and trying different wiring configurations to find the sound I wanted

      I have probably tried about 30 to 40 different pickups,  

      eventually I realized I was spending more time messing with the pickups than actually playing the guitars.  



      Also you will want to change your volume and tone pots so that the pickups will breath properly.   The EMG wiring will work with the passives, but the sound will be 

      muted because the pots are 25K ,  you will probably want 500K pots.

    • longfxukxnhair

      I am a huge fan of Suhr Aldrich or Bare Knuckles. I just put a set of Miracle Mans in my Horizon. Just nasty aggresive raw tone. 

    • Fyl

      mb other users too know metallica and megadeth but not the alter bridge black cherry references?


      +1 on SD distortion set, wicked stuff SOOO weird they never seem to come stock on anything (brands concerned over confusion w dimarzio superd's?)


      also, you might try:

      emg 85 in bridge (tho i guess yours isvthe 81-60 set? still costs money then...go with emgX-85 if buying)


      mustaine livewires (not 100% but i think they were quick connect like the others, so no install necessary)