• Mitch L

    Steal or Burn?

    Well I bought a brand new ESP EX Black Diamond Plate for $900.00 and I have seen some of them go for up to $1,600.00 for retail price! Did I get a good deal? The place I got it from is a legitmate authorized ESP dealer (Main Street Music in New Mexico). So far I really like it a lot and it's built with high quality hardware. I love feel and style of it because it suits my taste just right! Comments!?!?!

    • Ihno M.

      I have been seeing our local dealer offering ESP Standards with a discount to move the old stock; even saw a Viper sold for around the same amount.- (which is a very low price for an ESP branded guitar in my country: they usually sell for twice as much, brand new), so $900 for that guitar seems like a good deal to me.  Enjoy it.

      Best regards.

      • Mitch L

        Really? What country are you from?? I am so glad I didn't get burned on this one. Thanks man! 


        • Ihno M.

          I'm from Chile, South America.  I would not expect an authorized ESP dealer would risk its status by selling fakes, so you should be fine.  In doubt, I understand you can send pictures of your guitar (headstock, serial number, etc) to ESP so they confirm its authenticity.

          BTW, I took the opportunity and bought a 2012 M-II UC earlier this year with a 20% discount (just could not resist, hahaha)