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    Need help with ESP thin U neck

    Hi there. I am new to the forum and love ESP guitars.
    I have been playing my SV std for about 5 years now and have really come to love the "thin U" neck.
    I have always wanted to own a mII but noticed that the necks are "extra thin U" which I hate the feel of. I actually purchased a mII custom std recently but realised later on that the neck was not the same as the SV std so now I am thinking about trading it in for something else.

    My question is, is there a mII model that has the "thin U" neck (has to be neck thru) as the SV does? Or would I have to get a custom mII made for me specifically with the neck thru "thin u" neck.

    Thanks for the help!

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    • JSHRED

      I love a good M-II, let me know if you ever decide to sell that.

      To try to answer your question, the ESP today, which somehow actually sucks less than the ESP of tomorrow, basically just has a couple M-II's, a bolt on and a neck thru. And I'm not going to acknowledge any debates about which one is better. Oh, and of course you can only get them in black. What I don't personally understand is how ESP calls the NTB an Extra Thin U, and they call the bolt on an Extra Thin Flat. Regardless, they are both extra thin, which is not what you want (although it's totally my profile of choice).

      The short answer is that if you want a double cut with a Thin U, get a Horizon, with or without a Floyd. And do it soon before they disappear.

      The long answer is that without knowing where you live, ESP is withdrawing its name from most markets, along with most options. There will be all kinds of boring black LTD guitars and that's about all you get. Anything else will be custom shop, unless you live in Japan.

      I do know what you mean though, the Thin U is a comfortable neck on an Eclipse, a Horizon or anything else. Thrashes the hell out of any Gibson neck.

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      Hey dudes.
      THanks for the replies.
      What do you mean that ESP is withdrawing their name?? Wow this is sad news to me!!
      Hopefully there will be shops that import them from japan to sell on our markets.

      Which Horizon has the thin u neck? Could someone tell me?
      Really like the look of the NV std which also has the thin u neck.

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      Do all the horizons have the thin u neck?