• Kevin C.

    ESP Export Series and Special Orders

    Two Questions on ESP

    1. I know ESP has an Export Series Website where they show pretty much all of their models. Is there any way I could ever get one in the USA. Can I talk to a good ESP dealer and ask them to import the model for me?

    Occasionally I see people get these in the USA and some dealers get them in stock, I would love to see if I can get one.

    They have some basic, yet sweet guitars I would love to get

    Electric Sound Products

    Electric Sound Products

    Electric Sound Products

    Electric Sound Products

    Electric Sound Products

    Shit, If they had this baby for sale in the US I would buy five-

    Electric Sound Products

    2. ESP I know has special order options for the standard series. I found a list of options a guy on this web site posted about getting his own one off standard series ESP. Here are a list of Options he posted

    Left-hand version of any existing Standard Series instruments
    Change of colours
    Request for distressed finish ('relic' finish to the rest of us)
    Change of colours for hardware
    Change of colours/design for inlays
    Change of neck finish type (eg: you dislike the lacquered finish of some models, you can request for a non-gloss/ satin version)
    Change of pickups (Seymour Duncan/ EMG)
    Change of tuners (Gotoh/ Sperzel)
    Change of nut type (bone/ graphite)
    Change of fingerboard type (Ebony/ Rosewood/ Maple)
    Scalloping of fingerboard
    Fretless fretboard
    Request for binding
    Change of pickups combination
    Change of neck profile
    Request for headstock reversal
    Change number of frets (maximum number to be updated)

    Link- THe GUitar ADdict: ESP Special Order: Spec list

    Now can I only get these guitar from a special run or can I order one of my own? Seems like a killer deal from what I have seen.

    • Pushead

      Find a dealer and ask. The worst that happens is they say they can't get it in. There are dealers out there willing to try to work with ESP.

      I was able to special order a BKAQ finished Horizon (before STB was available in the US) through a dealer. Unfortunately, they don't carry ESP anymore.

      For a special run of "standard series" guitars, you usually have to do a run of them. There was a run of natural Horizons that went through a dealer in Louisiana that had to buy 6-10 in order to get ESP to make them. Again that's all setup through the dealer.

    • Big Rich

      that fag jason from drum city guitarland can get you those guitars, i asked him about a few of them around 4 years ago and he said he can get them as long as they werent a lawsuit shape