• Sonofabias

    Help Dating my Horizon...

    :confused:I've tried dating my Horizon for several years now with out much success. I'm fairly certain it's late 80's or very early 90's ( probably not ), right after the law suit with Jackson. This guitar apparently belonged to Page Hamilton who gave it away on W P L J (nyc.) in a contest won by a girl who did'nt play, never did and kept it in a closet for 15 years when I got it new 06'. It appears to be a custom color (metal flake or flip flop blue ) , black hardware, white binding around the headstock as well as the neck w/ the tuners on top, a synclair/Esp bridge for which the routing extends 1.5 to 2" beyond the string locks towards the bottom (Bout?) of the guitar. This is something esp did for a only a short time( serial # 170050039.) I recently switched the bridge pup for a BK ceramic War Pig when I noticed the cavity had the #'s 6321 written in pencil where there was no finish paint. Hope that helps. I'll try loading photos, something I've not had success with so far.:cool:

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