• 80sMetalDude

    Horizon FR-II (Pulled the trigger)

    I just picked one of the cherry passive pickup models brand new on ebay.... I am so stoked, can't wait.... 7 days shipping from England > Detroit area.... was the hardest decision ever... I never spend this much money, cuz I'm cheap. :)

    I just know I'll never regret this purchase.

    • Judas

      You suck at the interwebz. Where are the pics?!

    • Gfunk

      I just picked one of the cherry passive pickup models brand new on ebay.... I am so stoked, can't wait.... 7 days shipping from England > Detroit area.... was the hardest decision ever... I never spend this much money, cuz I'm cheap. :)

      I just know I'll never regret this purchase.

      You live in the Detroit and bought a new Horizon from Limeyland?

      Pls do not post how much you paid.


    • Nagash

      Horizon FR-IIs are the total win.

      • Steel City Psycho

        Have your checkbook ready when UPS shows up...

        I bought a Horizon FR-II from England as well. I talked to a few US dealers, even an "ESP Dealer of the Year" award winner for mutiple years, and was told that I could not purchase the guitar I wanted (Horizon FR-II in See Thru Black) and that I could order a "Custom Shop" model... :\:mad:

        The price I paid wasn't that bad, a few hundred more for what I wanted, but what really sucked was when UPS knocked on the door and told me they needed a check for $191 for "Customs and Import Fees" before I could have my guitar...

        I was looking at a STBC one as well seeing as the overseas models are alder and the US model is mahogany.

        Luckily some one bought the See Thru Blackcherry and then put it right on the bay, so I was able to get the exact guitar I was stalking off the bay mint for the Price of a US Horizon FR-II, dude saved me about $600...

        Enjoy though, I love the Horizons and think they are worth every penny...

      • 80sMetalDude

        Horizon FR-IIs are the total win.

        Hey I just wanted to add it was your big SL2H vs. Horizon thread where you were not sure which one to get which turned me away from the SL2H... for years that's the guitar I wanted and when I saw that FR-II in that black cherry and all the RobChappers (Monkeylord, EternalDescent) videos etc, I had to have it.

        Called my buddy who is UPS driver and yeah he also said I was screwed and would be probably paying customs charges, he LOL'd me and said "my next delivery has one of those..." Typical.

    • 80sMetalDude

      Man.... lesson learned I guess... I digged and after about three links in I found this:

      4) IMPORT DUTY

      Although exempt from UK VAT, the purchase of one of our items will be subject to import duty. This is normally payable to the UPS delivery man by Check when he delivers the item to you. The duty rate varies from state to state so it is advised that you check this out ahead of purchase.

      W O N D E R F U L... wife's gonna kill me... oh well I'll still have a baddass geetar after all is said and done.

    • 80sMetalDude

      Even if I spent $2500.... I believe this guitar falls into the same class (if not better) as an SL2H where you can easily spend that much depending on the finish.

    • 80sMetalDude

      @sf38 ya thats a good point :) sorry. Re-reading that I didn't mean to make it so SL2H focused what I mean is the choices I was looking at SL2H or Horizon, $1500 (saving $1000 bucks as you said) wasn't happenin in the "new guitar" of either of these class guitars. I would have pulled out my credit card in a heartbeat for $1550 for a ESP EMG model too as SC Pshyco did even tho I wanted the passive model. If I really wanted to change out the electronics that's no biggie later. But it wasn't in the books for me, like nobody had one. Then I saw the $1400 used one on ebay and I was like "this was meant to happen" and then I got caught up in the dings, scratches... If I'm spending over $1000 on a guitar I want a new one. I'm no collector.

      I should also mention that Music Man Dargie II Ball Reserve that was up last week really had my attention too. But that interest didn't last too long nor did the auction.

    • 101

      Those Rich Tone guys take some nice pics, they got a few great horizon FRs and NTs sitting there.

    • Jibraun

      Go Horizon...When will it come?...I wanna see some pics !!!

    • Borked Bob

      I want that guitar crammed into an EC body.

    • DB-VII

      ^ +1, that would be a sick EC. I love the plain fret board...

      I may have to stop by my dealer and see what he could do for one of those minus the FR...

    • Jon A.

      fuck that thing looks awesome

    • 80sMetalDude

      Yes that is sexy, love the contrast of the black binding against the red, very evil looking axe. For what it's worth UPS dropped it off yesterday the customs charge for MI was $103. Not as bad as I had feared.

      I will say I'm prob never buying anything but ESP, love this guitar couldn't stop playing it. Action was flatout perfect, had to drop it to E flat like I like to play and I couldn't believe all the way from England and it was literally in perfect tune out of the box! It was very tight playing at first compared to my Eclipse Standard that has .9 strings that are far more slinky, but I like the tonal qualities of the .10 and will prob just stick with them. Seemed much more relaxed by the end of the first night of playing it or my fingers started to get stronger LOL! :)

      Amazed at the quality it's everything I had hoped for and then some, the coil tapping feature is amazing, the cleans ring. One of the things I noticed right off the bat was that before I amped it up that the sustain/ring of the high notes were so much better than my Eclipse, maybe that is due to the neck thru but very impressed.

      My "only" thing to say that's a little off is the Duncans can sound muddy on the Low E string when palm muting, but this is my first guitar in FOREVER without EMGs. I haven't got to play on my main rig yet with a Mesa 50:50 Simul. Can't wait.

    • brandono61cr

      red + black = win in my book !

    • Armitage


    • Big Rich

      holy shit .... why dont they just make it like that to begin with

      that guitar looks fukin crazy, what dealer did the custom options for you ??