• NightwindKing

    Edwards questions...

    Alright a couple questions for you guys, and if this isn't the right place for this post go ahead and move it...still haven't quite figured out the forum arrangement.

    Firstly: where on earth can I buy USED Edwards guitars? I mean, I have nothing against new ones, but they're out of my price range at the moment, and I'm a greedy impatient fool needing instant gratification ;-)

    Secondly: I need some suggestions about hardware specifics. I LOVE the Japanese sig series, and would like to get an Edwards based off one of those...the Mana Jeunne Filles is awesome but eh, I dream. Anyway, in terms of quality I've heard stuff all across the board. I mean, I can read specs all day but in the end, in terms of sculpt and wood quality or one tuner over another (although I suppose that, at least, can be modded), what can you guys suggest as far as a good-quality model overall that I could find used for = 600$?

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