• muziqman

    Horizon NT-ii questions

    I've been looking around for a Horizon NT-ii in DSBS and I know it's neck-thru.

    1. Now the standard US ESP website says it has a mahogany body(wings) but on other sites I've seen it with alder wings... is alder a custom options? is alder offered in other countries only? Also if I'm looking at a guitar how am I to know if it has alder or mahogany wings ??

    2. Is it worth it to buy it new or to try and find one used? Do they hold their value ??

    • antipole

      1) In north america, its mahogany. Some of alder in other places.

      2) Yes its worth buying new if you would you would like the model for sure. There is nothing wrong with buying it used. Through be careful if who you are dealing with. I am inclined to say they hold decent values well but not the best in the US. Many standards are listed below $1000 USD to the $800 USD range in the used market