• Phrygian

    Horizon NT-II Colors

    I'm really GASing for an ESP Horizon NT-II. The absolute only thing keeping me from pulling the trigger is the current color selection in the U.S. Here, they're only offered in See-thru Blue and Dark Brown Sunburst. In other markets, they offer it in a few more colors, namely See-thru Black. It absolutely kills in this color, and having seen it, has totally ruined me on buying one in Dark Brown Sunburst. That See-thru Black is just far too sexy.

    Are there any plans to release that model in other colors to the U.S. market, or any way (short of going custom shop) of getting a Horizon NT-II in See-thru Black or even normal Black through a U.S. dealer? I want a super-strat style body, with 2 humbuckers, neck through, and a hard tail. An M-II Hardtail would even kick ass. I very much want to go with ESP, but the 2 colors available for the one model that fits the bill don't excite me.

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