• Rikus

    Help me choose an M-II

    Hello it is the first time i write on this forum and sorry for my bad english

    I write to ask your help in choosing my M-II because my area is devoid of well supplied guitar stores.
    The nearest that has an M-II is 400 km away. I surely will try a guitar before buying it, but since the store hasn't all the M-II versions i can't compare them so i'm asking for the opinion and experience of guitar players which have actually tried the guitars.

    Now some questions:
    1)The M-IIs on the ESP Usa site and the M-IIs from the Japan overseas site are exactly the same guitars (albeit with the sw color option?) and built in the same factory?
    I ask because the M-II with duncans on the Usa site is listed with JB (B) / ’59 (N) while the duncans equipped oversea is listed with SH-1n and SH-4
    1b)Are the SH better than the JB/59? do they sound much different?
    2)The NTB. I will most likely buy a bolt-on M-II but i'd like to know if the neck-thru has a much better access to the upper/higher frets and is overall a much better quality instrument.
    2b)I've seen pictures of M-II NTB with painted and not painted necks. Can someone explain to me why?
    3)Finger board: maple vs rosewood. As far as i understand the different sound isn't really appreciabile in an electric guitar. So since i never tried a maple fingerboard which one does feel better and more comfortable under the finger? It has really a different feeling or is just a matter of aesthetics ?
    4)The floyd rose. The M-II comes now equipped with a chrome floyd rose bridge. While i don't like it as much as the black one it is true that the chrome FR are not built in germany and are of an overall worse quality compared to the black/nickel and nickel ones?

    Thank you very much, i hope you can help me in this M-II's deathmatch :)

    • blistered earth

      1)they are the same pups some call them either or
      2)esp bolt ons are like strats with an angle, bulky, the ntb is easy to rach and comfortable is the way to go
      2b)they used to be painted but i guess more people like the natural satin
      3) its a matter of preference go to guitar center and try a maple board
      4)no they're real OFRs

    • brandono61cr

      1) speaking for quality the jap sites M-II's are just as high end as the am. site's . in my experience having the truss rod adjuster at the heel of the neck is a little more convenient and seems to be a little more stable

      2) the upper fret access is a little bit better on the NTB , but not enough to really make a huge difference, although i love the feel of a NTB but that is just me .
      2B) satin is much smoother and nicer to play on than the painted neck is . the satin is also less susceptible to "stickiness" form sweating , but this may or may not be a problem for you.

      3) there is a difference in the sound , but it is barley noticeable ( mad props to any one that can pick out the rosewood fretboard blindfolded just by listening to it, especially with heavy gain )
      i think the major difference between rosewood and maple is the feel , maple as a smooth and glassy feel while rosewood feels more like sandpaper. also rosewood has lots of little holes in it because of the fact that it is a naturally pourus material , maple always is finished and polished which adds to the ease of string bending .

      also i like the look of maple more to begin with so ....

      4) the M-II (all Floyd equipped ESPs in fact) come with Original Floyd Roses so the only difference is color , BUT i have always gone for the chrome ones because chrome is used as a protectant in many industrial settings because of the fact that it dose not rust . the black paint will eventually wear away (after a loooonnnggg time tho).

      Duncan > EMG

      if i had to chose one i would go with the M-II maple

      i think something must be said for the fact that only ONE guitar in the entire M series has Duncans in it , one !

      just sayin'...

      • Gfunk

        i have always gone for the chrome ones because chrome is used as a protectant in many industrial settings because of the fact that it dose not rust . the black paint will eventually wear away (after a loooonnnggg time tho)

        Ah, gotcha.

        On Floyd Rose tremolos:

        Chrome is impervious to corrosion, and black "paint" wears after a loooonnnggg time.

        Duly noted.

    • D-EJ915

      The USA and non-USA standard series M-IIs are the same, there are just more options outside the USA. The Japanese (original series) M-IIs are quite a bit different and a lot more money.

      Also don't forget a new model for 2010 is the standard series version of the M-II Custom which has binding and an ebony fretboard but is once again much more expensive than the regular (rosewood or maple) models.

    • D-EJ915

      chrome is cheaper to plate than gold and black

      • brandono61cr

        chrome is cheaper to plate than gold and black

        true !

        but also remember you can get roughly 90-104 yen for every dollar , so the difference is only 30-40 dollars (on the right day)

        and guitar companies get parts at wholesale costs , while the average joe buying a floyd pays much more!:lol

    • D-EJ915

      pretty much, that and the camo one which they used to sell in the us

    • PossyDP

      ive the same problem with tremolo! sorry for posting here...is it going to cost a lot if i`ll ask the shop to replace it with a black OFR?