• Velt017

    Why is an M-II NTB so much?

    So, my buddy is a lefty and he has his heart set on an M-II. I figured it'd be $1200-$1400 like the EC standard and Viper standard, however he got a quote from the shop near us that deals ESPs and it was seriously like $1900 or just shy of it like $1889.

    I don't understand how such a basic guitar could possibly cost so much. There's no case, its a rosewood board, no binding... hell, its even just got dots as inlays... there is really nothing unstandard about this guitar minus the OFR, but that can't be what drove the cost up that high.

    Anyone have any thoughts? Should I persuade him otherwise?

    • jl-austin

      I played one of these at a Guitar Center, they are awesome playing guitars. If you get a chance to play one, you'll know why they cost that much. It made my prestige Ibanez feel like a "cheap" guitar.

    • exhibit-sbt

      price is understandable for the quality work involved and their need to stay in business. the lack of a case however i do not forgive. i literally flipped a coin on a eclipse ii and mii, eclipse won, but i will pick one of those things up eventually, they are def a shredders dream.

    • Velt017

      I think you've missed the point. I'm not saying its not a fantastic guitar, however I have played one and I did not feel that it was twice as good as it's LTD counterpart (M-1000) and I felt that it did not look as good.

      I've been buying and selling guitars for awhile and I know what drives up cost. Things like binding, ebony fretboards (which are more difficult to install), and more intricate inlay work are things that will indeed drive up the cost of a guitar.

      I agree that a neck through will indeed drive up the cost slightly, however the difference between the set neck and the neck through was like $100 which I think is about fair (maybe even a bit of a steal as far as that is concerned).

      I just don't see how they can get $1800 out of it and at least not include a hard shell case... Hell, change the inlays on it while you are at it... its just so plain looking.

      • xZYRYABx

        the fact that it is "so boring looking" is exactly why I love it!!!
        its a no-nonsense shredding monster....I love the fact that it doesnt have a boost switch or a tone knob....or any eye-candy like binding and rainbow inlays...but I can understand how thats not for everyone....ive noticed that alot of ppl have look as a main factor in loving a guitar....theyd love the UC m-II then call the black one shitty...to each his own I guess...
        If I ever custom order one though im definitely getting it scalloped from 12-24, add reverse-sharkfin inlays, and scallop the lower horn, but in any case im never selling my M-II standard...
        Also, I have both the M-1000FM and the M-II and the ESP IS twice as good as the LTD in my opinion!

        oh yeh, and about cases; I thought none of the new ESPs come with a case, so I dont think thats just an M-II issue. I think they all used to in the past, didn't they?

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    • jl-austin

      I kind of agree with the case thing. I feel any guitar over $1000 should include the case.

    • Metalmilitia306

      I've had mine for 2 years now and its is worth every penny. Its simply the best playing sounding and looking guitar i own.

    • antipole

      I think your friend might be referring to the Original Series M-II's.

      To be honest, I don't think it it justify to have such a price difference between the M-I NTB and the M-II NTB. That is why I went with the M-I. :-)

    • MV-CTM

      at least the price isn't retarded as the OFR horizon, seriously $400 more??

    • Metallijosh

      Just get the bolt-on and convert it to neck-thru.