ESP Eclipse pickup swap

Anyone have any experience swapping out pickups in their Eclipse II? I currently have EMGs, but I'm a passive electronics guy. I have a set of PAFs that I want to drop in. Jonas

I have experience in having someone swapping them out FOR me...

Steven A.

Sure wish the link was valid.  Thinking of putting my stock 50's Tribute LP Studios into my Eclipse LTD, but not sure the drill hole dimension and swap ability as well as the tone improvement?  Maybe some guidance there?  Love the look and feel of ESP guitars, but not sure the tone?  Maybe ESP USA is better option at that point?


Niiiiceeee Mod!


leave the black for sure


I kind of like that idea


WOW that is a fucking beast man-
looks Gorgeous!

I;m thinking about swapping my black rings on my eclipse for cream. well its a Honeyburst and the hardware is silver so i hope it works out ;) the black is an eye sore at the moment-

Not a big EMG fan my self, only reason why im getting rid of my Viper =]

SD for the win


wow!! love it congrats ;)


Thanks you guys!

And sure I'll elaborate. It's really basic I guess. I loved the sound of my Les Paul yet I love the feel, look, and playability of my Eclipse II. So I just thought I'll take the pickups that Gibson uses in their best Les Pauls and put them in my ESP.

My style varies and I'm beginning to make music commercially, so I have to do stuff outside my comfort zone specific to projects. But I really like vintage metal, country, some shred, classic Rock, and some contemporary stuff like RTX, and definitely the blues. I'm still a novice but I want to develop all that into a unified style.

I do like the EMGs for certain things. I think they're great when you're running a lot drive/distortion and other effects; they can take everything and maintain definition. Also I think they're the most responsive pickups when you're recording straight into the computer with guitar software. I'll have to figure out a guitar to put these in... hmmmmmmmm


Turned out great, dude.


Looks f**king awesome, makes me wanna do something similar to my eclipse I, since im not too happy with the EMGs either.

Maybe you could tell a little about the difficulties you encountered? :P


if you dont want the EMGs, ill take em off your hands please.


If you do it, just get yourself a good wiring diagram and you can check out my thread on the tech forum. Some members here advised me on installing new pots but other than that it was pretty straight forward.


Yeah, EMG pots are 25k, you will need 250k/500k for passives.

Callum b.

These Jonas brothers are real guitarists! whether they play together or separately their tune is unique and melodious. I think the Jonas brothers get cheap essays when they are in college! because they have to spend a huge amount of time in practice.

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