• tonymustang302

    Need help with super low tuning

    Alright guy's, I have a Eclipse II that im using instead of my (now sold) 7string for Drop A tuning. My guitar guy did the setup with a 54 gauge Low A string because it was the biggest he could fit in the tuner. I'm having a problem with it just feeling dull and slightly muted when doing chord's on the lighter strings. I'm probably going to get new tuner's, to accomodate the thicker strings, any other recomendations I should consider when tuning a 6-string this low. I love the way my eclipse feels and don't want to get a 7-string. It's not the guitar tech because he set up my KH-2 and it is killer to play.

    Well appreciated in advance.

    • Piney Hills Music

      get a set of Grovers and you will prolly need to drill out the tuners to fit. Toss a set of 12-70s on there..

      being that the ECII has the shortscale, you need the largest guage you can get to get the tension on it, and you will prolly have some muddyness that you will have to account for,

      Nileguy can prolly give you better advise than anyone though. Prolly best tech on here (worked on some very famous guitars)

    • MV-CTM

      raise the action a bit

    • xchumfiestax

      if you're dead set on sticking with locking tuners, you can always order a set of sperzels that are custom drilled

    • antikue

      No no, no drilling! Just unwrap the end of the string a little bit and push the core through the tuner. Then wind just a few rotations, it should hold normally.

    • EvenFlow

      I play 11-70s on mine with Grover tuners and never had problems. I'm only in Drop C though but it seems like it would be fine.

    • gorsch

      I was in a band for a while that used 7's and my V 6 string (24.75 scale) held up really well using a D'Adarrio 7 string set. They go from 59-10, just toss the 10. I had to put in EMG's to get a decent tone. My M200FM was better being 25.5 scale. As far as tuners, put in some grovers.

      • Zakk Amott

        With an ECLIPSE in A or drop A .
        Use a 68/70 guauge . It's enough .

        I confirm that for that gaugue , Sperzel and grover tuners needs to be drilled .

        I already tune my Ninja V to Drop A with that gauge :

        11/16/19/38/50/70 for lead

        The 19 was a little bit too loose ;but a 20 would be just good (or a 22W/24W) if you prefer wonded ones .

    • sirsloop

      Get a Baritone.... You're tryin to pull a mack truck trailer with a Yugo...

      • gorsch

        Get a Baritone.... You're tryin to pull a mack truck trailer with a Yugo...

        agreed. Thats what I ended up doing. I dont like 7 strings much. Also if you end up tunning up, a baritone works great with a set of 11's tuned to drooped C. Baritone's rule.

      • TheDevilHimself

        Get a Baritone.... You're tryin to pull a mack truck trailer with a Yugo...


        Unwrapping a string can lead to an array of other problems, not to mention less sound from the string.

        IMO you can tune any guitar to reallly low tunings, you just need thicker strings. However, it will never compensate the lack of punch, that direct snappy quality. Most people unfortunately don't notice until they compare directly with a baritone.