• espsy

    M1 Ntb Purchase??

    Im thinkin about my next ESP purchase i own an Eclipse II, Eclipse I FT and a SS Viper so i'm used to the fat mahogany tone. I really like the look of the M1 but i'm worried about not being happy with the tone with it being alder with maple neck thru. I've owned guitars in the past in that spec, and wasn't really into it but to be honest they were cheaper guitars than the M1. Any thoughts?? Anyone own one of these who also plays Vipers or Eclipses?? i also use EMG 85 in the bridge.

    • Piney Hills Music

      you cant throw a Duncan Blackout in the bridge, it will give you more bottom than the 81 but more brilliance than the 85...
      or you can go with the 85 being thats what you are used to.. it definately will have more of a "bite" than you mahogany guitars.

      but it will be more of a shredder guitar with the way that its built...

    • Llexileon

      I've used many neck through maple/alder guitars and many big chunky mahogany beasts :lol, you cant really compare the two, certainally the M-1 is a serious guitar, with great definition, sustain, body of sound, etc, but i dont think its going to have the depth and fullness of tone you're getting from full thickness eclipse models. If thats the sound you need, and it sits well in your existing band, then the M-1 might not be right tonally. I guess you gotta try it and see!