• caldrmn

    Finally had my eye's opened

    Like everyone else I have been lurking around for a while before sighning up, it seem's like a great group of knowledgeable ESP experts. Well I have alway's been a Gibson player but I wanted to try something new so I bought a LTD ec 1000 I thought it was ok but not as good as my Gibson but after reading about the ESP Eclipse II and all the reviews on this forum plus the fact that Musicians Friend had the vhb on sale for $999.99 plus an additional $100.00 off if your purchase was between $699.99 and $999.99. I got one of the greatest guitars I have ever played for under $900.00 the build quality and the overall platability of this guitar is so perfect, the seymour duncans just sing they are more versitile than I was expecting I am alway's going to have my Les Paul but my new #1 is the Eclipse, I can see many more ESP guitars in my future. I will post pics later when I have more time. I was wondering if you guy's know of a electronics upgrade like new pot's and cap, kind of like the R S kit for les Pauls .

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