• Knucks

    Esp Eclipse ACSB

    I have been looking at this guitar for some time now and also at some Gibson Les Pauls. I'm leaning more towards the Eclipse mainly because it plays better and I like the more modern, edgy look.

    I haven't had a lot of time to try it out so I was just wondering how you would rate the tonality of the instrument in comparison to a Les Paul? I love midrange and bass with a healthy amount of distortion (not fuzzy) and I like the thick tone mahogany delivers.

    Also, I have noticed the Eclipse 1 seems to be missing at every shop I go to. I live in the States, does that have something to do with it? I've been hearing the only ones available here are the Eclipse 2 models...why is that?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks. :D

    • DeathIsMyJustice

      I own a Eclipse and a LP studio and both are great guitars. The ESP is nicer to play and looks damned sexy but just I love the my LP sounds

      Might be just the pickups though, Iv kinda gone off the emgs and Im thinking about putting some duncans in there

      As far as I know you can only get the eclipse II in the states

    • slash13

      there was a lawsuit on the eclipse I body shape, so yes - only the eclipse 2 is available in the sates :hat

      as far as sound - from MY experience, the eclipse has proven more versatile. the les paul has GREAT crunch, but i didn't find it very good for metal (I own an R8).
      Eclipse's IMO sound good for anything (with the right PUPS ;))

      • Rich Tone Music

        They are voiced quite differently really. The burst buckers in the gibbos are quite pokey in all fairness to them and you can rock hard on them for sure but i'd say give you a bit more scope into old school blues/rock if needed.

        If the USA Spec Eclipse II is fitted with EMGs they are a lot tighter and better suited to heavy styles, although straight rock sounds cool too. For me they just don't have that old fat les paul tone which you get with a great big chunk of mahogany and PAF style pick ups.

        So they are both great guitars and there is some cross over but as standard the Eclipse gives you the more rocky edge. With some SDs in it though it might not be quite so mental.....

    • Knucks

      Thanks guys. Would any of you recommend the Eclipse for a Randy Rhoads-like tone?