• johnan

    Japanese M-II

    Hello everybody

    I am new here (this is my first post). I want to buy a black M-II, but I would like it to have ebony fingerboard. However the standard model comes with rosewood or maple only.

    I found the solution to by problem at the Japanese ESP site where they have a very nice M-II which they call M-II CTM which comes with EMG's and ebony fingerboard. Perfect!

    The only problem is how to get it in Europe where I live (Greece). I contacted a couple of Japanese dealers but they cannot export to Europe (but even if they could, I would have the husle of custom clearance). So here is the question:

    Do you know any dealer in Europe through whom I could order this guitar? Has any body in here done something similar in the past?

    • HateEvent

      As far as I'm aware, the Export models are available to mainland Europe just like they are here (UK). :)

      • johnan

        If this is the case, I am not sure how to find them! I mean, they are not listed in the ESP range of the stores I've looked in the internet (e.g. Thomann in Germany who is very popular here in Greece). They only have prices for the models that appear in the standard ESP catalogue.

        I am trying to contact some shops through e-mail, but so far a have not received any positive reply.

    • Helldragon

      The problem is that the Original series are made in the custom shop, thus the price... the Horizon FR-II original series is 4500€ :O and the standard series Horizon FR-II is 1700€... and believe me, it's worth every cent, I got mine on friday and haven't touched my Ibanez since ;)