• Jim

    can Anyone tell me what Guitar I hae??

    HI all,

    About 15 years ago I bought a used ESP Eclipse, nothing unusual so far. However every other eclipse I have ever seen is a Les paul derived shape, yet this is a Telecaster. It features a bound and contoured Tele body, a bolt on neck and the fret board is body coloured (Blue) The headstock is tele shaped (very accurate as far as I can tell) It has a floyd rose type trem and locking nut. It is branded ESP "The Eclipse" on the headstock. It has two open coil pick-ups either seymour duncan or EMG by the sound of them. This guitar really screams, louder than my Les pauls Custom for sure. Over the years I have searched the net, and asked in my local music stores, but all get is blank looks! Does any one know anything about this guitar?

    Thanks for any info.


    Isle of Wight, UK

    • Gfunk


      C'mon dood, you want help identifying a guitar, and you don't post any pics?


    • metalhobo

      You have got an old school Eclipse:


    • Jim

      Hi all and thanks for any info.

      Is the Old school Eclipse rare nowadays? I have never seen one quite like mine. I am down to three guitars now. I have a washburn EA18 electro accouctic, my ESP Eclipse and a 2002 '68 LP Custom, Custom shop reissue aged by Tom Murphy.

      I play both electrics through my 1976 Marshall 100 watt Master volume 2 x 12 combo - This is a rare beast and has a "tighter" sound than the equivalent stack. Since I had this amp I don't use fx at all, the volume pots on the LP and the tonepot on the eclipse give enough variation for a multitude of sounds. The eclipse is surprisingly versatile giving evrything from an Angus Young sound through to a very convincing "clean" Strat/Tele sound.