• jboy500

    Eclipse II weight ???

    I have an EC-400vf, wich is a beast, and i wanted to know how the Eclipse II compares weight wise. I love the EC/Eclipse shape just want something lighter. Nobody in my area carries the ESP line so i can't compare them, i am turning to you all for advice. I don't want to spend a $1000 for no reason.



    • Rich

      I never weighed mine, but I'm going to guess they are around seven pounds. They are not heavy guitars because they are not full thickness, I'm sure you would be fine.

    • giftednmusic

      If you pick one up thinking it should be a bit heavy, your going to be dissapointed. The Eclipse's are much lighter than their counter part (Gibsons) and thats a good thing! We have several ESP dealers here in my area and I just picked up one yesterday and played it for a bit. They are about as heavy as any normal (alder or mahoganey) body guitar. It feels a little weird because they look the part of a much heavier guitar. The pay off is in the comfort of these instruments because the lighter weight is by far a better thing when your on that instrument for long periods of time. Hope this helps! Now, order me one in ACSB! :)

    • espdood

      My Gibson was about 8-9 pounds and my Eclipse II was much much lighter than that. Someone else on this board weighed his Eclipse II and said it was around 4 pounds. So it's pretty much half the weight of a regular Gibson, which feels about right.

    • Rich

      4 pounds seems way too light, but I could be wrong. it seems to be a tiny bit heavier than my kh-2, which is alder.

      and the acsb is amazing, Giftednmusic

    • MikeC

      My scales saying 9 pounds.
      My Dean is about 8 pounds, and the EC is heavier, so I guess it could be correct.

    • coyote

      I just weighed my eclipse at 8.5 pounds

    • Rich

      I weighed both my eclipses on a regular scale so it's not very accurate. Both seem to weigh in somewhere around 8 pounds.

      +, - 2 pounds for possible error/inaccuracy, and its about 6-10 pound range. I'm a small guy, 5'6 about 140 pounds and I play at band practice standing up for 3 hours straight and it doesn't bother me. I also go nuts when I play shows(30-45 min) and the weight doesn't bother me. I doubt you will find the guitar heavy.

    • StaticRoute

      I played an EC-400VF in the store and ordered the Eclipse II online based on that. I was pretty surprised at how much lighter the Eclipse II was. I've had it for a week now and I'm pretty happy with it so far.

      • TheDevilHimself

        My Eclipse is the CTM1-VBK. I say that because I am not sure the US version has the same specs.

        AFAIK the US version is all mahagony, whereas the CTM1 has a maple cap.
        Anybody know for sure?

        Mine weighs 3,7 kg. That is 8.1 lbs.

    • Butch

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