• giftednmusic

    Eclipse II or M-I?

    I'm ready to pick one of these up this week and I've gone back and forth between both to many times to count. Thanks to Chris (new M-I owner) on here for putting up those pics of his new axe and for the info. I'm going to be using this mostly for metal but I teach guitar and currently use an Gibson SG standard with neck and bridge EMG pups. I not sure if not having the neck pick up in the M-I would be something I would regret but I know that having the versatility of both in the Eclipse would definitely be use full! I've seen some great vids of Eclipse owners but none with the M-I, how do you think they would compare sound wise? I think the Eclipse would be very thick with the Mahogany and Quilted top and its definatley a looker guitar but what would you recommend?

    • tee5150ii

      If you're a teacher, I'd assume you do a lot of sitting down while playing...which leans more on the M-I side of things since the Eclipse body style can be difficult to comfortably play while sitting for extended periods of time; from my experience at least. Also, I'd assume the Eclipse would yield a thicker tone with more low end while the M-I would probably be more punchy and cutting especially while distorted. It all comes back to preference. If you can live without the neck pickup I'd easily say the M-I, mainly because I want one, but I mean they are somewhat contrasting choices so just consider what you want in a guitar and then just weigh it out like that. Good luck with whichever you get.

    • Chakalot

      What makes the Eclipse harder to play while sitting down? Just curious to know because I just recently ordered an Eclipse II.

      • andrei

        What makes the Eclipse harder to play while sitting down? Just curious to know because I just recently ordered an Eclipse II.

        dunno... i think it's just the overall balance...
        i find the M shape to be verry confortable to play sitting down, especially if you hold the guitar in the recomanded position (on the left knee).

        it doesn't mean you won't be able to play your EC while sitting.
        it's just a matter of style and what you're used to.
        (i find my EX difficult to play, on the left knee... but it sitts pretty good on the right, in a near horisontal position.
        Vs i find almost impossible to play while sitting - it's just a pain)

    • andrei


      i fancy 1 pup guitars verry much lately... it's less to worry about...
      (i even think about also giving the volume knob up)

      2 pup's = more options;
      but i think they help more with a poor rig, so that you may get a different tone directly from the instrument.
      if you have a decent amp and/or effects to set up your tone right for everything you need, at the click of a pedal, i think you may get along real good with only one pup.

      i think people with more experience in this direction may provide more accurate info about this specific issue.
      (and hope they will actually do it)

      it doesn't mean i have that great rig to get my tone from, with just one pickup, but i think, it's one less worry: you may focus more on the playing instead of switching pups.
      i've developed a nasty reflex to tweak the volume knobs up whenever the melody allows it... so i just thought - let's have a guitar with no controls...

      good luck and post pics!

    • nivek41

      If money is an issue there are a few awesome deals floating around on Eclipse's. M-1's are harder to come by and more expensive right now with less options.

      Musicians Friend has the Vintage Honey Burst on sale for 999 plus an additional 150 off.

      Sam Ash has the Vintage White for 999.

      Both have free shipping.

      • Raf_666

        I had an earlier eclipse and I hated playing with it while sitting down. Also with that version 24 frets on a short scale 24.75 is ridiculous. So that leads me to another huge difference 24.75 neck 22 frets and 25.5 with 24 frets. I prefer the 2nd. But on the other hand I wouldn't mind havin an eclipse too. Also I love plying these smooth leads with a neck pickup. I know I don't help you in your decision :p


    • Butch

      if you are a teacher then id say 2 pups gives you more options, like experimenting with diff techniques

      the cleans of the 60 in the ec will pwn tho.

    • N3rdAl3rt

      eclipse, the shape doesn't matter much, jsut takes more getting used to

    • andrei

      the M1 has the "extra thin U" neck profile, which, from what i've read, is a little thicker than the wizzard2 but still verry slim.

      the eclipse has the "thin U" neck profile, which, you can figure, is a bit thicker than the M1s.
      it feels verry nice, i like it a lot (have it on my EX).

      about the 22 frets of the EC: i think the idea behind that is to get that warm tone from the neck pickup, when it's located under the second octave.

      i think you may ask the guys on the board who have the M1 to post some clips, but i don't think it's worth the effort, cose recordings are influenced by so many variables...

      good luck!