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    Eclipse II Pickup Change: Active to Passive?

    Hello all,

    I know that this may seem like a guitar noob question but I have been playing my LTDs for a few years now. I actually just joined this forum to specifically ask this question. Here it goes. I am seriously looking at the Eclipse II in snow white. There are not any local stores that carry this model so I planned on buying it online and giving it a shot based on my confidence in ESP. I currently own an LTD EC 400 with active EMGs and a LTD EC 1000 Deluxe with the Duncan JB '59 combo. Now, I am pretty damn sure that I will love the EMG in the Eclipse but I am not entirely sure.

    I do know however that I love the Duncan's in my Deluxe. So here is what I am wondering. Because I love the snow white finish with black hardware so much, combined with my love of ESP I want to give the EMGs a shot, but if I DO decide and a big "IF" here, to change the pickups to passive Duncan's, how difficult would this be? I do realize that there would be an empty "tone chamber" where the battery should go. I have never seen anyone talk about converting a guitar from active to passive, although sometimes the other way around. So any help would be much appreciated. Would all of the wiring have to be re done? Thanks so much everyone!!! Cheers.


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