• Bigeeboo

    So ... Is the V always gonna be an LTD unless it has an artists name slapped on it?

    Last yrs LTD V-500 was a great guitar ... I guess Im expecting too much when there are numerous eclipse models in the ESP line up and no V's without artist customizations?

    I know there arent alot of V players out there but Im guessing they'd be more opt to buy without it being a sig

    what are your thoughts?

    • LOL

      If its a V you want, Jackson is the best, IMO
      Not saying im not in love with the ESP ones though...

    • CL4P-TP

      NAMM hasn't even started yet. Don't lose hope yet.

    • LOL

      use some rubbing alcohol, and guitar picks (to scrape it off).. I had covered my Rhoads with white reflective tape :rollin and had to get it off before i sold it lol

    • ESPKH4

      jackson Vs were great until fender bought them out

      • Piney Hills Music

        jackson Vs were great until fender bought them out

        Dude, thats just silly.

        They are made by the same people, and the Fender buyout was nothing more than a ownership change. The only personnel changes that happened were very much in the best interest of the guitars. Tim Wilson retired (he was so burnt out, that he no longer gave a shit) and they brought back mike shannon. he was one of the very first jackson builders, and they even hired Grover Jackson to oversea some of the production stuff. I have seen LOTS of USA jacksons come through my shop and they are absolutely 100% exactly like they should be. A couple of them had some electronic issues ( but it was not anything that had to do with Jackson, Pots just go bad, and 2 were damaged in shipping)
        I cannot say that about any of the other companies that I sell. I have had bad schecters(Five), LTDs(three), ESPs (only one and it was VERY minor and took me 10 minutes and it was fixed), BCRichs (only one), Fernandes', Deans, Takamines, Guilds, Gretschs and even a flawed 3200 dollar CA (composite acoustics) that keeps breaking G strings in the middle of the neck.

        Now, am I saying "OMGZRZ, ONLY TEH JACKSUNZ ARE TEH BR00TAHLZ" no, but they dont "SUCK now that Fender owns them". Fender has actually put some money in fixing the things that were broken when they bought the company (and there were a LOT of them)

    • gorsch

      Jackson KV2, hell fucking yeah. But they're soo damn expensive. Someday I'll have one......or 6. I do wish ESP would make one simular with and without a trem. Also have the option of EMG's or passives. The Amott would look cooler if it didnt have that f'ed up shape. It's not a Gibby shape and it's not a King V shape. It's a half bread.....and ugly IMHO. Maybe because I worked at Sam Ash and it's the same shape as thier shitty Brownsville V. Sad thing is Brownsville did it first. Well before ESP anyway.

      • Piney Hills Music

        the shape is actually the Fernandes Vortex, thats the earliest one with that shape that I can find anyway.
        Just be patient, and there may be a King V that comes out that is MIJapan and is more in the realm of a LTD in price.
        they have been talking about a KV5 for a while, but it just hasnt happened yet.

        I am seeing if I can get a Standard ESP V here. They might allow it. kinda as a one off thing, they allow white ninjas one at a time by special order. but they arent cheap.

    • gorsch

      i really prefer the Gibby shape but we all know that'll never happen. Probably Gibson knows that if they let ESP get away with it then the Gibson V would be no longer. Rob Flynn's V with the option of a floyd (I still cant decide if I like em or not), and without the MH inlays..........yumm.

    • Gwedo

      Can i just get this off my chest...............

      Who did Bullet for my gaylord f"ck to get a sig........... or do people like them over the pond becasue most people i know think there a joke lol

    • MV-CTM

      the KV2T is practically a gibson in everything but name