• Metalmilitia306


    im not quite sure if I should get a M-II NTB or a M-II w/ seymour duncans. Any Opinions or preference? thanks

    • MV-CTM

      You should be able to...

    • FriscoESP

      Some dealers throw in the case for free..but it's usually sold separately.

      • Allistah

        Hello all --

        I'm looking at buying an ESP KH-2 NTB guitar and the one in the shop locally to me as "Signature Series" stamp on the headstock instead of "Custom Shop". Can someone tell me the difference? I was guessing that the older versions of this guitar all had the Custom Shop stamp and then the current ones all have Signature Series on them.

        I've seen a number of KH-2 guitars on Ebay and all of them say "Custom Shop" so I'm wondering if this was just something they did in the past on all of them..

        Can someone confirm this for me that really knows the difference?



    • BigSillyGoose

      Are you crazy???

      Get the maple, dude.

      • MV-CTM

        Are you crazy???

        Get the maple, dude.
        maple FTW

      • MikeC

        I have a Peavey Ultra Plus tube head. I have a few questions about the amp that are kind of bugging me.

        1. I have an output switch that says 'Full/Half' on this amp. I ussually keep the volume on about 4 or so with the output on half. When I switch the amp output switch to full I don't hear much of a difference. Am I suppose to switch the ouput before I turn the amp on? I don't want to mess anything up so I figured I'd ask somebody on here and hope for an answer.

        2. Next to the output switch, theres a switch that says 'resonance' or something and it gives me a choice of loose, high or medium on it. Once again, should I switch this before I decide to turn the amp on?

        3. When the amp's on about 1 and a half, the tone seams really solid. I like the tone alot. What can I change to get that tone when I turn the amp up to about 4 or 5 so I can have that exact tone? I've heard this being discussed before, but I couldn't remember what it is I have to do.

        Hopefully you guys can help me out as much as you can. I appreciate all help, really. This is my first tube amp and I haven't played it a whole lot lately for these reasons. I don't want to mess anything up with the amp so I figured I'd get to know a little more about it before I went and messed with it any more.

    • ZephMan


      Maple Owns!

    • Metalmilitia306

      does the Maple M-II feel different then the NT? is the neck thinner or somethin?

    • ZephMan

      and koooler!

    • Metalmilitia306

      ive never been so undecisive!! hahah. im probably going to order it from drum city guitar land once i get the money. are they good sellersan do u think they would add the case?

    • Butch

      I wish the MII had at least a tone pot. 2 vol wud be better too.

      They should also do a M series with a fixed or a tone pros bridge

    • TheDarkOne

      man, get the neck through. I love maple fretboards, but I think the rosewood complements the mII better than the maple. It just blends better with the black and makes it look sinister IMO. Although, I do believe there are only 3 options for that guitar, atleast here in US, only the M-II neckthrough with Rosewood, or the M-II bolt on with Rosewood, or the Maple M-II bolt on.

    • Metalmilitia306

      i really want to try them out but theres no ESP dealers near my area i only have a Guitar Center and a Sam Ash. i doubt Sam Ash would Carry High end ESP's

    • TheDarkOne

      Just order online. BTW, I think Sam ash is a licensed ESP dealerh so they should carry SOME high end models, if not, go talk to one of the employees and get them to order one you want so you could try it out.

    • BrazilianBootyLover

      Oh I see. Of course its good bro! Have you ever read a bad review on an ESP?! To answer your question, the quality is amazing and unmatched, plays like a dream(thanks to the silky smooth satin clear coat on the back of the neck) and finish is great! It would take a lot of abuse to get the paint to chip.

    • TheDarkOne

      Yeah, ice6, I was looking for a new axe myself and have been researching. Being that I'm a shredder, I was intially seduced by the Ibanez Prestige line. Although I have been a bit dissapointed by them, by that I mean, I have been hearing some not-so-good reviews about their guitars, and actually, I'm a member on the Ibanez forum, and A LOT of members over there were telling me about how the ESP standard line blows the Ibanez prestige line out the water as far a price and construction quality. I haven't really found a bad ESP review yet, and the quality seems to be very high. Actually, with all the research I've done, I'm almost settled on the MII being my next axe. To be totally honest with you, I really wanted the ibanez, but ESP quality and playability just came out on top :)

    • AlexiWildchild

      ^We could still visit you. :lol

      That custom M-II is very very nice. Actually I don't like pickguards, but it looks very nice on it.

    • Ravens Creed

      MII Urban Camo. The best metal guitar I've ever played.

      So I'd go neck through and Ebony if you can get it. Its all down to preference though I suppose.