• barryswanson

    New Eclipse but came scratched up.

    I just received a new Eclipse in Amber cherry sunburst and I'm not sure if I'm being to picky, but when I hold the guitar on a certain angle to the light I can see heaps of fine scratches in the gloss finish. Is this normal or acceptable because I rang up the store and complained and they are talking about sending me another one. Am I being to picky?

    • Guitooorbenchi

      They're not cheap and you paid good money for it. I wouldn't say you're being too picky.

    • Osvaldo T.

      Not all! 

      You purchased a brand new instrument. It must be sold in perfectly NEW, untouched, perfect conditions.

      If you like the sound of the guitar and can live with it, fine. Still... I believe returning it for a different one in A+ Condition is the right decision.

    • Death Magnetic

      ya return it. i hate paying top dollar and having anything even slightly wrong with it. guitar dealers can suck a dick if they wanna fuck around with my money.

    • MetalMadness

      If you feel like you didn't get your money's worth, by all means get another. If I placed a lot on money down for new guitar I to would expect a minty finish.

      However if I was going to use it for gigs I wouldn't mind as much. For me it depends on the use.

    • Jeff H.

      Send it back. That is most certainly the fault of whatever dealer you bought it from, they do not leave the factory like that. Trust me, they'll trash guitars over far less issues.

    • Chris d

      they said they would refund you "some" money? I would be pissed if i spent that much and it came scratched up.

      • barryswanson

        So I received my new replacement the other day. Much better, how it should have been. I also got the American version which is the one I originally wanted. The first time around I got the rest of the world model with four knobs and deeper single cut away which was not the item I clicked on, on there web site.

        I also requested the box to be unopened from the factory which it was and it was in perfect and I mean perfect tune from when it left Japan god knows how long ago! That's quality right there! Also the set up was spot on unlike the first one which came with three sloppy strings, bridge pick up literally against the strings and fret buzz on very string above the twelfth fret.

        The worst bit is when I spoke to the dude who sold it to me he told me it was professionally set up. Knob head. Also the new was has very large waves in the quilted maple which looks pretty cool. Plus an absolutely flawless finish on every part of the instrument and it sounds fucking sweet.

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