• Vladimir P.

    Dealers in Russia


    I live in Yekaterinburg, Russia. My bear broke my balalaika, so now I am going to buy ECLIPSE-II VB. 


    Is there an authorized dealer in Russia?


    On international distributers section I have found only Canada. I have found a few russian online stores like muzman who offers a new ECLIPSE-II VB for ~$1520. Well, price looks like a fraud.


    Is there a way to check if guitar is genuine or assembled in local basement?


    Thank you.

    • Fyl

      1500 = USED

      from a "барыга" who procures em for 800-1200 used in california, texas, tennessee, new york, tokyo, or osaka.. some post on social networks, others create store-like websites, but it's still ultimately just a guy doing business in his mums apartment or dacha


      They typically use a partner or a connection with a music store in USA or Japan, so they dont pay full asking price there and know what they are getting has been looked at properly, as well as sometimes a hookup with a transport company to rent a bit of space in a container going their way, or just know how to pack and ship reliably and keep their stuff from getting stuck in customs inspections.... 


      could be reliable could be a crook, check russian online communities for seller blacklists