• Nino P.

    ESP Horizon NT 7 - opinions?


    I am thinking of buying an ESP Horizon NT-7 guitar in the near future (hopefully). Since me and my band are getting quite serious lately, getting opportunities and so on, I am in a desperate need of a new and reliable instrument. 

    I am wondering if it is worth scraping up money for this or should I go for something else? Where are the best deals (in Europe preferably), and which stores would you suggest?

    Other suggestions (if neccessary) would be greatly appreciated.

    • Peter W.

      I live in Scotland and I recently imported a custom ESP standard Series Horizon 7 in from the US. It is an amazing guitar and worked out so much cheaper importing it even with the import duty

    • 101

      I have one, it's a solid guitar but keep in mind the nut is fairly narrow for a 7. Also the EMG 7 and 8 string pickups can be a love/hate type of thing and the routes make them more difficult to replace.

    • v8rman

      I noticed the nt-7 nut measures pretty narrow. im in the same boat but the esp is just too much and im not that sure about a 7. I would like to know if the Ltd mh 417 is a worthy compromise. Specs seem to say so and though im not a huge sig fan, the Householder looks nice as well.

    • Nick J.

      The nt-7 is an amazing guitar the neck is the most comfortable and easiest to play 7 string I have ever played on it also sounds amazing I have never played a 7 that even comes close that neck is just so fing amazing I also changed out the emg 707 for an 81-7 made a big difference in the tone