• Mr.Dahl

      ESP on the logo instead of the retarded E-II logo.

    • Osvaldo T.

      It would be nice if they're ''ESP'' Guitars alright.

      Something identifying them as ''Made in the USA'' would be nice too, besides something saying it behind the headstock. 

    • Steve W.

      A USA Viper , with Duncans . and a 25 1/2 "  scale , that handles C tuning better . 

      Bone nut , Rosewood board . 

      I will order as soon as it's out !  that 1st day ! 

    • Lord M.

      I'd love to see ESP start an American line of guitars similar to the Ibanez "Iron Label" series; stripped back, solid, workhorse tone machines. An LTD line without the fancy (and expensive) flame maple finishes that ESP seems to be known for, but still all of the expected quality.
      A great, more simplistic budget guitar from ESP would be something that the less economicaly fortunate metalheads like me would be all over. Take note, ESP! 

    • Osvaldo T.

      You really have a great idea for the ESP Guitars line. It would be nice to own a ESP with the essentials. Somehow I believe your idea is more suited to the LTD Elite line than the ESP line.


      ESP is known as a premium brand. Stripping it down to just the essentials will not be favored by many ESP players and fans. They expect the high quality instruments they have always seen, purchased, and play. 

      But still you provided a very good idea that maybe ESP or one of his guitars line will apply in the future.

    • CaptainNorwegia

      That would be great.


      I love the Horizon series of guitars,  but I absolutly HATE albalone on guitars. To have an affortable LTD/LTD Elite with no albalone, just a solid color or whatever, plus quality essentials would be great. 

    • Death Magnetic

      don't but made in usa on the front, i hate brands that put the country on the guitar. don't.

      take the binding off the horizons body.

    • Osvaldo T.

      I'm with you about the ''Made in USA'' in the front. The ''Made in USA'' identification is always good in the back of the headstock, but never on the front. It would be nice some kind of different script or ESP logo design for their USA models. 

      What do you think?

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    • Jay M.

      Personally I am hoping to see a NTB M-II in the lineup.  I'd also like to see a wider variety of color options available. I feel that only offering "black" is limiting to the consumer base (granted it worked for the Ford Model T HAHA ) seriously though, why not add white, grey, blue and red to the the roster of availble finishes?

    • Tony A.

      an ESP USA Horizon FR-27 in muliple colors/finishes

    • LeftyFrodo

      I wonder if they will make anything lefty from the US Factory...and what the prices would like.

      I expect the quality to be the same as the Japan made instruments.


      ESP Horizon III NT with teardrop headstock!!!

    • JonCurcio

      Teardrop headstock Horizons, hardtail bridge Ms (like the Donais), 1-11/16"/43mm nut widths.

    • Allex W.

      You guys should make guitars that have the just plain woodgrain look! I think that would be so  awesome. Like a woodgrain eclispe standard. That would make my life!

    • Osvaldo T.

      I'm really glad we have all shared our ESP USA expectations. Christmas Season is on and the NAMM Show is just a month away!

      We'll see if ESP takes any of our suggestions and apply it on their soon to be released line.

      I'm really looking forward to the new models and see if there are new body shapes, color, and pickup configurations coming out!


      I definitely have Silver Satin, Purple Satin and See-Thru Green finishes on my wishlist for the USA Eclipse model .

      Let's see what happens!


      Keep all your suggestions coming!

    • Jay M.

      Would also be cool to see a "V" in the line-up, maybe something like the V-350 but with a white finish w/ black hardware or black w/ chrome hardware

    • Osvaldo T.

      Hello guys! I was researching for ESP USA News online and found quite a few things.


      and this ESP Eclipse color...

      Looks like like an old ESP Standard Series model, but that definitely ain't your ''everyday'' finish.


      I will also quote a forum member from other website: ''There's going to be a LOT of new ESP USA and ESP Japan high-end models released for 2014. People who thought ESP were phasing out their high-end "ESP" models in favor of LTDs or other lines were dead wrong. There will be more high end and never-before-released-in-the-US models than ever before. ''


      So what do you think people? That's certainly some hints about what the ESP USA Brand is going to be.

      Well... these are all the SPOILERS for now!


      PS. I kind of feel there are active threads from the old ESP Guitars Forum right now. I hope this thread just don't dissapear.

    • Jay M.

      As a long time ESP fan, I am eagerly anticipating the new ESP USA line-up.  There selection in the late 90's and early 2000's were second to none, it felt as if the streamlined too much but that's economics for you :)  

      All kidding aside, I think that the ESP USA lineup is going to be one of the highlights at NAMM 2014 and can't wait to check out the booth and see what new additions grace the catalog!!!

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    • Proletariat

      Potbellies would be awesome. Bring in the RS as well. Both sharp and rounded versions

    • Nick J.

      I would like to see more v-ii in flame tops and quilt tops with lots of color options and sv's the same also have them in 7 strings no one makes 7 string v's anymore also do them in different scale option from short scale on 6 strings and longer scales on the 7 strings 

    • Nick J.

      also would be cool to see a horizon 3 in a 7 string with the exact same specs as the nt-7 the neck on the nt-7 is the best 7 string neck I have ever played on also do the flame top in the reindeer blue I would by that for sure 

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