• Osvaldo T.

    ESP USA Factory Line Expectations

    Hello fellow ESP Forum Members!

    Many of you know the news about ESP opening a USA Factory, thus expanding the brand in 2014.

    Any particular model you want in the line or are you envisioning brand new products along the way?

    What are your expectations for the new ESP USA Brand?


    • Death Magnetic

      ESP Horizon NT-II with an Alder body and solid color finishes like sonic blue, see thru green and stuff like that. perhaps one model with emg's.

      ESP M's with ebony boards, neck thru, nice finishes.

    • Jacob J.

      Not only for the ESP USA line but also the LTD line, I'd absolutely love to see the NV series come back with a bit more variation.

      Also a big fan of the M series body shape with the traditional straight six headstock.

    • Osvaldo T.

      Thanks Ross and Jacob for sharing your expectations at the forum!

      Glad to know there's people that want to preserve and enhance the ESP line.

      Personally I'm a fan of the ESP Eclipse body shape but have also been looking forward to Z, V, and Star shaped bodies like the Gus G. Signature guitar.

      I would love to have more model, different colors, and pickups options available for them. 

      This year great pickups like the EMG 57/66 (stock in the Black LTD Elite Eclipse), Seymour Duncan Black Winter, Seymour Duncan Whole Lotta Humbucker, EMG James Hetfield Signature pickups, and others were released to the market.  I'm sure ESP could add new pickups to the line and get even deeper into their target market. Who knows? Maybe they could get new ESP players!

      The only thing I'm really sure is that 2014 is going to be a great year for guitar players, expect great guitars coming your way soon!

    • Death Magnetic

      eclipses rule. what was the finish esp use to have from the mid 2000's? it was like a honey burst or something. absolutely gorgeous.


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    • Seb G.

      Maybe offer some different finishes, like you had in california back in the nineties, those Extreme Series were pretty cool. An Eclipse T (thick) like the LTD with some more classic pick-ups maybe. This way you'd toss your "overrated" friend Gib...n away a little bit (not that i would care!)

    • v8rman

      Would really like to see fixed bridge M or a reverse headstock Horizon plus some real finishes minus the quilted look.

    • davedeath

      Horizon III with the cockstock

    • Travis L.

      The old MX, EXP shape...

      I mean c'mon gibson! Don't be jealous because ESP makes better explorers than you ;) hahaha just messing guys! I would love to see new finishes for sure! An M-II with a stop bar tailpiece and tune-omatic bridge, more ebony fret boards, old esp logo back (block letters)

    • akhawkeye

      I don't know about you all, but I would love to see a rebirth of the M-1 series. Craftmanship was always top-notch, price point was spot on, playability - well, it's an ESP. The ESP USA M-1. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

    • CaptainNorwegia

      I'd love for them to make the Horizon in a Natural finish again, that fiddle was BEAUTIFUL. Maybe make a 7 and 8 sting version as well, who knows. 


    • Guitooorbenchi

      I'd like to see the Potbelly come over.

    • Joey Spirito

      Eclipse with neck through construction +24 XJ frets! Idk if anyone else wants that but in my eyes PERFECT guitar. Are you guys going to go over possible job opportunities with this new location? That would be dope \m/

    • John I.

      My expectations will be quality the same as the Japanese and the come back of the GL-56. Why is the George Lynch now a GL-256?

      And I would like the ESP Vintage plus to return. 

    • Trashgreen

      More 7 & 8 strings guitars, baritone, both NT and Floyd versions....

    • HAY

      More 6 and 7 strings with kahlers

    • Salty

      I only hope the US quality is on par with their Japanese counterparts... The array of guitars I just saw at the ESP Craft House was de facto 'Guitar Heaven'. The custom MII's were impressive... Masao Ohmuro's customs are simply unreal. Hopefully all of their premier work stays in house in Japan, but the US production is interesting considering how bad ESP Japan makes the rest of the US luthiers look.

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