• haunting

    Upgrading to ESP standard?

    Hello there.

    I have an LTD ex-400. I like the guitar, it was my first guitar and I've had it for a long time. It was made in 2004, has Grover tuners, emg 81/81, black hardware etc. etc.

    However, I've been starting to ponder an upgrade to an ESP standard ex. What I want to know is, how much of an upgrade would it be, really? Will it be a noticably better guitar or am I just paying for other letters on the headstock? Of course, it would feel good to have ESP on the headstock instead of LTD (also I could get a white guitar instead of black which would be pretty sweet...) but I kind of want to be sure I get a better guitar also.... after all, the standard is definately more expensive.

    Thoughts, experiences with this situation?

    • jt76

      The ltd deluxe series are a significant step up.  The the standards are just a little better than that.   this goes for construction as well as playability.  I own about 20 ltds and 7 standards.  I still like my ltds but the standards are definitely  wort it if you can do it.

    • Travis L.

      I would say go for a true real ESP! Better quality and different way of building them, they come with all the best shit installed, and you know you are getting a high end instrument! With great craftsmanship! And LTD's are amazing as well! And it matters how your budget is, if you want it and you can pay for it might as well :)

    • Death Magnetic

      esp standard are the introduction to what a good guitar feels and sounds like.

    • Seb G.

      Dont get me wrong but LTd's are great guitars, i still play with em but those ESP's.... they really get to you! Try any american guitars out there for twice the price and you'll never get half the quality, craftmanship or playability you'll get out of your standard. I'm a big Eclipse and M's fan if you wonder which to try. 

    • Death Magnetic

      japanese guitars over american guitars.

      maybe when gibson had ebony fingerboards I'd go with them, but they're done for, and their prices are insane. (4500 for an r8, 6300 r9).

    • v8rman

      Your ex is not much dif than my mh 400 from 06 i would bet. What you have is an ltd that is far superior to todays ltds made who knows where. If your going to make the jump, go straight to an esp. anything under that would be kindve a waste imo.

    • Bennesto

      I played the 400-series and 1000-series LTD a long time and they weren't bad at all for that price-level, especially the 1000-deluxe was a dream to play. But as I first played an original series ESP Horizon I was totally stunned by the smooth playability of the neck, the direct response and the sharp attack from the maple neck/ebony fretboard. I experienced this several times, sitting at the local music store, directly comparing the 1000-series LTD with the "big borther" from ESP. Therefore my personal opinion: LTDs of the 400-series are really good for their low price, while the 1000-deluxe LTDs are a hugh step up. But they can't beat the quality and tone of a standart or even custom ESP.

      Make the comparison for yourself, but I am sure, that you'll be going to the ESP in the end - a decision you'll never regret.

    • RZK

      Go for it. You won't regret it. Become a part of the club!

    • Jordan

      You will undoubtedly be happy with an ESP, go for it if you can.

    • esten114

      Follow Alex Prados' ESP Standard threads and you will have some good info to aid you in making a decision to get an ESP.

      I vote Yes, go for the ESP.

    • Tsinthegame

      Standards are awesome! I currently own 2 standards and 3 LTDs (various ranges) and I have owned quite a few LTDs and even a couple of signature ESP guitars. When it says ESP on the headstock, you notice the difference in feel, playablility and sound. Don't get me wrong, LTD guitars are amazing for the money and I've played counltess shows with LTDs, but I always go back to my standards. Go for it, you won't regret it.

    • ali akin

      I used to have a LTD MH-1000FR. I traded it for a Horizon NT-II and I can't tell how I am so happy with it. There is a big difference between those guitars. first of all craftmanship of ESP is top notch and it is lighter than LTD. Neck is really really fast probably the best and fastest neck you may ever see. But LTD was a good guitar too. 

      I mean LTD is a very good guitar but an ESP would be the ultimate choice.