• Alex Prado

    ESP Horizon

    I just bought an ESP Horizon FR-II Black Aqua. I am from Costa Rica and I bought it online, so I couldn't test it. The guitar is coming from USA. I want to know experiences of the current users of ESP Horizon...are you satisfied? I am expecting the best of the best!!! Was it a good choise?

    • Seb G.

      I Own the M-1 and a KH2, dosent have the archtop body but they both play like a dream. i have no doubts you'll be very satisfied. 

    • Marinotti Guitars

      I'm an Horizon player (ESP and LTD) from the 90's.

      I have several models with different pickup-bridge-neck configurations, and all the components (fixed or Floyd Rose bridges, tuning machines, electronics) are superbs .

      I also own different brands of guitars as PRS, Gibson and Fender, but the feel that i have with my ESP its just amazing, and i dont feel the need to play any other guitar.

      So Alex, in my personal opinion, you'll be not just satisfied, but gratified at 100% with your new guitar.



    • Bennesto

      I own an ESP Horizon FR in vulcano red since 2011 and it is the best guitar I have ever played in my life. The neck is super comfortable and the tone is simply a dream. Don't worry, you won't be disappointed at all.

    • Clopstyle

      You made an excellent choice!  I have a NT-II and a LTD MH250 as a back up. If you want a LTD as a back up, I would say try as many as possible. I used to have a MH1000 as a backup but it had a few minor issues(fret job wasn't the greatest and the bridge pickup was installed about 2mm offset to the right). The MH250, on the otherhand, is almost built better than my NT-II. Its strange since the Korean models are supposed to be better built than the Indoneasan models.

    • esten114

      Just received my Horizon NT-II DBSB and could not be happier.  Yes, good choice.  Enjoy.

    • esten114

      [I am trying to send my original post - if this works, it was the smiley that I deleted.]  --- Yes, good choice.  I just received my Horizon NT-II DBSB a couple of days ago - bought it online without ever picking one up or hearing it plugged in other than on YouTube.  Honestly, I don't know what made me do it.  Just kind of stumbled across it online and was interested.  I don't know what it is about it; but, it is super.  Fit and finish is superb.  Setup and playability couldn't be any better.  Love the Duncans - no disrespect to EMG (I've got 81s, 85, 89s in my Dean and Schecter).  Overall, couldn't be happier with it.  I think ESP is kind of lurking in the shadows of the other big boys and maybe doesn't get the recognition or exposure it deserves.  I've got Fender Strats and Teles, Gibson Les Paul Studio and SGs, Gretsch, PRS, Epiphone, Dean, Schecter, and Washburn.  My ESP takes a back seat to none.  Haven't put it down, except to go to work!  Enjoy your new baby.

    • 101

      I would suggest you plan on doing a string change and full setup out of the box. Don't be disappointed when you pull it out and the setup sucks. That is to be expected from shipping long distances through very different climates.

    • LazNovak

      Awesome guitar! You're gonna love it.

    • Jordan

      I still have yet to see a disappointed ESP owner haha you made the right choice!

    • Alex Prado

      Thanks to everyone for your posts!!!

      Finally, I have my guitar and I am very very happy!!!

      Here some pics!!! The guitar needs a full setup, so I can't play right now..I can't wait to test it!!


    • Salty

      I just returned from the ESP Craft House with my Horizon I ... you made an excellent choice (I'm sure you realize that by now) ¡Felicitaciones! ;)

    • John o.

      All I have played is esp ltd guitars the best period 

    • Anthony K.

      I was playing an ESP SRC signature for roughly a decade before I decided to purchase my next ESP, and that purchase was a Horizon FR-II in See-Thru Red. Out of all the guitars I've purchased, and played over the years, this guitar just blows them away!! The playability on this thing is just phenominal, and I can beat on the OFR all I want without having to worry about going out of tune. 

      Bottom line: You will enjoy every second of this guitar! 

    • Nenad Z.

      Hi! Just stoped to say that the ESP Horizon FR2 are the best ESP models for me  recently I buyed one and now I'm the happyest man alive  Cheers

    • Dire


      Not to resurect an old post but I wanted to find info and thoughts. You guys seem to know your stuff about these guitars! I just ordered an ESP Horizon for about $1,000 from Guitar Center, but can't find any info on this particular guitar and also wonder about quality because it doesn't appear to be the same as most horizon guitars I see. Hoping it will be here tomorrow!! 

      This is my first ESP and venture outside of my "comfort zone"

      All it said about the guitar online was:

      "ESP 2000s The Horizon Solid Body Electric Guitar - Japanese Market Custom, Wilkinson Tremolo, Sperzel Locking Tuners"

      My current line up includes: 1998 usa strat deluxe, 2012 Gibson Les Paul Traditional, 2007 Custom G&L Comanche, 2014 Gibson Firebird V.... how is quality of this horizon vs these guitars.

      Part of the reason I went guitar center vs ebay is the ability to drive it back to my local store and return it. so its a nice net to have incase I ordered a poor guitar. Please, tell me your thoughts and opinions!