Introducing Player Grade (US Residents Only)

Introducing Player Grade (US Residents Only)

It probably doesn’t surprise you to know that at ESP, almost all of us are guitar and bass players, and as actual musicians, we know what really matters to other players: great-sounding, great-playing instruments… and good deals on cool guitars.

Since ESP's standards for quality control are legendary in the industry, the guitars we ship to our customers and dealers have to pass an extremely stringent examination for excellent cosmetics, functionality, and playability. Rarely, we receive guitars or basses from our manufacturing facilities that play and function flawlessly, but exhibit a minor cosmetic imperfection. In many cases, these imperfections are almost unnoticeable without up-close examination.

For our customers in the USA who purchase instruments via the ShopESP cart on the ESP site, we are now offering these Player Grade instruments to you at a significant discount off the normal street price.

What Kinds of Imperfections?
Samples of minor imperfections that would designate a guitar or bass as Player Grade might include small scratches or discoloration in the finish, binding or nut material (non-structural), a neck side-dot marker slightly off position, and so on. All are minimal in size and many are often hard to see unless under close inspection.

Who Is Player Grade For?
If you're more of an active player than a wall-hanging collector type, Player Grade is for you (which is why we named it a such). If you’re looking for a solid deal on a guitar and you're okay with a minor blem that no one but you will likely know is there, Player Grade is a superb option.

One important note: like all instruments purchased via our ShopESP shopping experience on the ESP site, Player Grade guitars and basses are only available to residents of the USA. Standard shipping from Shop ESP to the 48 contiguous states is free.

"Just received my Arrow NT Arctic Metal from the "Player Grade" pool of guitars. This was a super deal considering that this guitar has the same lifetime warranty. I examined the guitar very good, and I really do not see any reasons why this was a player grade guitar. I have always heard that ESP is very picky about their guitars, and this proves it. Anyway, I'm happy with this purchase, the guitar is great! Get yours today! They even gave me some nice swag!"

- Player Grade Customer Mark C.

How Do I Find Player Grade Instruments?
The easiest way is to look at our continually-updated category of “Player Grade Available” instruments. We update this list regularly as guitars and basses under this grade become available. You also may note a “Player Grade Available” button next to these models as you browse around the ESP site.

Are They Covered Under the ESP Warranty?
Yes they are. Player Grade guitars and basses are covered by the same warranty as our other brand new instruments (with exception of the aforementioned cosmetic imperfection).

Do I Get to See the Player Grade Instrument Before I Buy It?
No. We realize there’s an element of trust here, but if any instrument had serious defects, cosmetic or otherwise, we’d never allow it to be sold. Also, if you get your Player Grade guitar or bass and find it unacceptable, like all instruments purchased via ShopESP, these models have a 30-day return policy should you not like it for any reason.

Where Do I Find The Price?
Just select the instrument you want and hit the “Player Grade Available” button to add it to your cart. Your discounted price will appear there. We hope you find some great deals via Player Grade, and enjoy all the benefits of a new guitar or bass to add to your musical arsenal!


Nethan  P.

These guitars and basses, available exclusively through ShopESP on the ESP website, provide an opportunity to snag a high-quality ESP instrument at a significantly discounted price. While these imperfections may be barely noticeable, the instruments come with the same ESP warranty as new ones, ensuring peace of mind for buyers.


For active players who prioritize performance over pristine looks or those seeking an affordable yet top-tier ESP instrument, Player Grade guitars and basses present an enticing option. With a 30-day return policy and the assurance of ESP's stringent quality control, musicians can confidently dive into this limited-time offer and rock out with their new Player Grade instrument without breaking the bank.

Thibault B.

It would be nice to have such program in Japan, especially seeing how few LTDs are available here (which is a real shame)!