What’s New with ESP for 2023?

What’s New with ESP for 2023?

Usually when we get to January of a new year, members of the ESP community and guitar fans around the world have already been tipped off on our plans for new ESP, E-II, and LTD guitars and basses. However, the world has gone through some changes, and this year we’re doing things a little differently than before.

That Industry Trade Show is in April
Most of you know about the NAMM Show, the place where manufacturers, musicians, and people from music stores around the world gather to premier new instruments and pro audio gear. Typically held in January, the NAMM Show is not until April in 2023, so the new products we’ve got planned are waiting for their big debut a little later this year than in the past.

We Want Guitars to be Available Sooner
Throughout many industries, the interruptions to the supply chain since 2020 have been a big challenge. In our case, it caused many of the guitars we introduced in 2022 to be pushed back far later than any of us would have preferred. The good news is that almost all of our newer guitar models have been shipping out to our US dealers and international distributors, and most of the people who’d patiently been awaiting their new instruments are now receiving them.

That’s another reason why we’re holding off a little longer in 2023 to announce our new models. We don’t want to make you wait for extended time frames before the guitar you’re into can get into your hands.

Exciting New Models
All that being said, it’s likely that our new guitar announcements for 2023 will start in April around the NAMM Show, and will then continue during the year so that they’ll be available much closer to the announcement date than ever before. We have some absolutely amazing new guitars that include new additions to our Signature Series, our acclaimed Japan-built ESP E-II Series, and more.

We thank you for your continual support of ESP, and we can promise you that when the new stuff does hit, it will have been worth the wait.

Matt K.

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Stan W.

New RZK signature will happen?

John P.

I am dying to know if Mick Thompson's Sig model will be like the red guitar his wife showed on instagram. An ESP M with a recessed/sunken TOM and stop tail bridge w/fine tuners would be absolutely amazing! Id preorder the moment it was available. Maybe even order two. Fingers crossed!


Bring back teardrop headstock to the LTD H series. Bring back ESP Standard Logo...

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