May 7-9: ESP Social Takeover of Andertons Music!

May 7-9: ESP Social Takeover of Andertons Music!

From Friday May 7 through Sunday May 9, ESP is taking over the social nets for Andertons Music, one of the UK's very best musical instrument retailers, and we're pulling out all the stops for this massive presentation of artist interviews, lessons, demos, playthroughs and more!

Join Captain Lee Anderton, Danish extraordinaire Peter Honore and the ESP team for a mammoth collection of exclusive videos on Andertons TV. Special guests include George Lynch, Josh Middleton (Architects, Sylosis), Mille Petrozza (Kreator), Page Hamilton (Helmet) and plenty more. Andertons will also be checking out many of ESP's "New for 2021" collection, and will give you the rundown on your favorite bands' guitar tones!


Brenda M.

Where can I find the link to your Youtube channel?


yang k.

I am very impressed with your idea! Thank you very much

Brendan Breakdown

Looking forward to these streams. Very much enjoy the Andertons Music Co. YouTube channel! 

Nathan M.

Seems more and more unlikely everyday, but I hope for some sort of Alexi tribute model news or something. Excited to see what Mille Petrozza shows off though.