Musicians Institute Announces ESP Scholarship Winner Cody Cadena

Musicians Institute Announces ESP Scholarship Winner Cody Cadena

Musicians Institute has announced its Spring 2021 ESP Rock Guitar Scholarship, and that honor goes to Cody Cadena of Woodland Hills, CA. Despite only having a few years of guitar playing experience under his belt, Cody has shown tremendous ability in the classic rock and blues genres, and intends on expanding his chops to include genres like progressive metal and fusion. Cody plans on using his education at MI on improving his songwriting and improvisational skills to work as a session guitarist and/or composer.

Upon being chosen as the scholarship recipient, Cody states, "It confirms that I am able to reap the benefits of my hard work as a guitarist/musician. It gives me more confidence to move forward in the career that I’ve chosen for myself. It’s nice to know that hard work can pay off!”. His ultimate goal as a musician is to make a living as a video game composer, while also being able to score for film and television. In addition to the financial assistance for his studies at MI, Cody received an LTD H Series guitar that will undoubtedly help him continue to improve as a player, and to discover some new performance techniques. All of us at ESP send Cody our congratulations for this prestigious honor!

For more information on Musicians Institute, visit their web site.

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