January 11-13: ESP Presents 2021

January 11-13: ESP Presents 2021

We’re giving you an early heads-up for an event that’s unlike anything ESP has ever done before. On January 11-13, we’re going to be giving you the most in-depth look ever at our guitars and basses with “ESP Presents 2021”, a video-based event right here on the ESP web site.

Why We’re Doing It
It’s pretty simple: with the cancellation of the NAMM Show, we wanted to put together a presentation that captures the fun and excitement of NAMM, but have it be accessible to ESP fans around the world.

What To Expect
“ESP Presents 2021” will include:

  • Spotlights on all of our various guitar series and shapes, from the Arrow to the Viper, LTD to ESP USA and ESP Custom Shop, and everything in between.
  • Dozens of demos of our “New for 2021” guitars.
  • Interviews with ESP artists, both one-on-one and roundtable events.
  • Plus, a Giveaway
: we will soon be announcing more details, but we’re also going to be giving away one of the prototypes of our “New for 2021” collection, and the winner will be announced during the “ESP Presents 2021” event.

Where and When
“ESP Presents 2021” will be held January 11, 12, and 13 in streaming video on the front page of espguitars.com. More details on the schedule and giveaway sweepstakes will be released between now and then. Get ready!

Sebastián  L.

Make a ESP M-II with Esp logo, white, made in Japan with floyd original (black). And soymour fundan please!!!

Frederick B.

I'm putting this on the calendar to make sure I attend!  \m/

Brendan M.

Can we get a Black Metal EX? 

YE 京帥 王

E-II HORIZON-III 9 NT Bare Knuckle Hipshot Multi-scale Reversed headstock Black-Blood Inferno-Flame

Andrew  G.

My birthday is on the 12th 
How much will the Phoenix bass be?

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