Congrats to '87 Series Sweepstakes Winner Ryan Hanna!

Congrats to '87 Series Sweepstakes Winner Ryan Hanna!

A man in Dublin, Ireland is very happy today. His name is Ryan Hanna, and he's the winner of our recent LTD '87 Series Sweepstakes. Ryan will soon be receiving the Eclipse '87, a guitar that could not possibly be cooler. When we randomly chose Ryan's names out of the thousands and thousands of entries, his response was quite appropriate...

"I'm absolutely shocked and delighted to have won the guitar. I would like to thank you, and ESP Guitars for this amazing competition you hold each month."

LTD Eclipse '87

You're very welcome, Ryan! The guitar you won is part of our new '87 Seriesfaithful recreations of the set of instruments from ESP’s 1987 catalog. Unlike the current single-cutaway Eclipse shape, the original ESP Eclipse was based on the TE archtop shape,  which is the basis of the LTD Eclipse ’87. This guitar offers neck-thru-body construction with a mahogany body and three-piece maple neck. The ’87 Series Eclipse models offer a set of Seymour Duncan ’59 (neck) and JB (bridge) pickup set (with original style bobbins and a push-pull control to split the coils), and a Floyd Rose-1000 locking tremolo. 

Again, huge congrats to Ryan! But for the rest of you, we have some incredible opportunities to win more great prizes just for being a part of the ESP All Access community coming soon!

Christopher S.

congrats Ryan

Barbara M.

I think he's fulfilled a lot of people's dreams, won the lottery.

melda r.

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Ryan H.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time out to congratulate me  I also want thank ESP Guitars for the beautiful guitar. It's a joy to play, and difficult to put down!

William D.

Congrats, Bro .!!! Thank God for ESP an all they do an have to offer for all levels of players I could never Imagine winning anything let alone an Esp.. THUMBS UP

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