Mario E.

¿How much is "some time"? ¿there is a date for the launching?

Megan M.

This is perfect for me!

Curt P.

Why aren't you doing the smooth neck to heel on the EC model like on my EC-1000P? Don't go back to the primitive bulky heel like a Gibson. It's the reason I finally bought a Les Paul style guitar from you (ESP) after 30 years of playing because you shaved that God awful heel off. Keep it smooth!

Trevor H.

Holy shit!!! The surveyor 87 in lefty???  You guys are killing my wallet. YES YES YES YES YES

Grayson L

Here "New for 2020" Left-Handed Model List is the title and below it there is an image here that has 3 different colors of guitar. I can try out for them now. You can see and i hope you would find them really good as the color scheme is really nice.